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  1. Why u even want read that since you dont enter the contest?
  2. Function power are the power that give u extra function in ur chat req you meet the criteria to use them. Jumblejinx X2d Blastde Rapidreason Ranklock Nick ZEDD (144541588)
  3. why no power that allow only friends to see u lol ?
  4. Chess matchrace pool darts doodlerace shoot and snakerace four in row spacewar switch zwhack hearts ZEDD (144541588) https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Category:Games
  5. zed

    Yes or No

    No Did u love a girl once?
  6. /pg or /p2 captcha unregistered users and gag new guests for 3 minutes /pc or /p3 captcha all guests /pr or /p4 make the chat registered users only /pm or /p5 make the chat members only ZEDD (144541588) also the main owner can use GControl power to change the default duration of hours and the default rank of who can turn on protect mode.
  7. they can interview with me ?
  8. xat chats launched in: 17 September 2006 ZEDD (144541588)
  9. 5 month ago edited by crow . Why ur too fast angelo ??
  10. zed

    Yes or No

    No u like broke someone ?
  11. zed

    Yes or No

    no r u cute ?
  12. zed

    Yes or No

    No did you belive in love"
  13. zed

    Yes or No

    No do you enjoy eating orange
  14. zed


    He is a sexy tall man
  15. thx manu this is amazing
  16. text: ZED subtext: hello world colors/theme: black red blue image: n/a
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