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  1. ur going to win daughter lol
  2. Hello , if you want a background for your chat not being tiled you can use the css generation if you want the image to not being tiled remember to use the chat background depends on your screen resolution
  3. Shake ur draw makes my day better thank you <£ <£
  4. i like this suggestion also html5 chats looks nice
  5. smiles with powers name 1-masks icehokeymasks 2-ornamets xmascandle 3-balloonfx basoap 4-poke pianocrush 5-shells seabottle 6-vacation vacsun
  6. 1-(chef2) work 2- harvest fall 3- summerphoto sumemrland 4- hi freesmile 5- prop Costumes 6- (stickymca)
  7. here is my entry hotdog with american flag and a firework lol ZEDD (144541588)
  8. zed


    can i use this as chat bg?
  9. 1- chahah comics power 2- irishrainbow patric power 3- emo hairm or free smile 4- gcauldron graveyard 5-badeco eco 6- hsign creepy
  10. seeing u online at the chats makes me happy too <£
  11. Hello, you can open a ticket under lost auth and make sure your subject is 5 words or more , if you can't open a ticket , message a volunteer to open a ticket for you
  12. My second entry i don't think u gona like it or not but i ve try lol my 1 entry was cool than it WOOPER pokemon
  13. 1- hair6 anime 2-donttalk smilefree 3-songkran (sdrink) 4-egyptian(indiwhip) 5-icebucket(hour24) 6-worldcup changes
  14. Why just stop posting here and talk to admins to find staff for that chat ? put flirt chat rules to follow
  15. Hello , you have been asked this question several times peoples already answerd you if you think this ban is unfair please report it via chat message . https://forum.xat.com/topic/3875-im-banned-on-httpxatcomtrade-for-10-days-and-i-do-not-know-w/#comment-53044
  16. Go to your xat chat. At the bottom-left hand corner (beside the Facebook/Twitter buttons), click "Embed". You will be re-directed to a new page with your chat on it and size modifications. You can then put in the size you want for your chat and then see a preview of it. Then, at the bottom of the page, click the text box to highlight its contents, and then CTRL+C to copy it. Go to the site page that you would like your chat to go on, and paste the embed code on it, and your chat will be there. If you are putting your chat on your xatspace, it may take up to 10 minutes to go live. https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Embed
  17. https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special_codes To embed a chat group, you will need to know the chat's ID and name. You can use this tool to help you. [chat:width:height:chat_id:chat_name] For example, http://xat.com/xat_Test chat ID is 5, and its name is xat_Test. This means the code will look like this: [chat:728:486:5:help] In addition, you can use different options for further functionality: autologin will enable autologin by default noradio will disable radio by default nosound will disable sound by default nomessages will not store old messages, exactly like the 'Don't store chat messages' option transparent will load chats in transparent mode using wmode="transparent" To do so, use the following code: [chat:width:height:chat_id:chat_name:options] You can even use multiple codes separated by a '-'. For example: [chat:728:486:5:xat_test:nomessages-transparent]
  18. I love watermelon and donuts very cool but no one with cream or chocolate?
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