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  1. To disable authentication, go to xat's login page and login successfully. Select the last drop-down menu and set it to "OFF (not authenticated)". This will also disable tickle power. and then make a ticket at http://xat.com/ticket Under "Lost Auth" and request that you want your Token code reset.
  2. across 5 andre 7 festival 8 neon down 1. pc music 2 brandon 3 XeR 4 foe 6 eggs 9. e49
  3. Hello , You should open a ticket under account block and give them the requeirments information about your problem and make sure your subject is five words or more Hope thats help you.
  4. hugs w/codes of 'em 1 - lovehug => "/hugall bird" 2- songkran => "/hug sk" 3- mom => "/hug stork" 4- boo => "/hug boo" 5-tropicalxmas => "/hug shark" 6- ten => "/hug hippo"
  5. i discover xat from a game called conquer online which use xat chat on there page
  6. You can find 'em on help , but the best way is to private message them on forum
  7. Hello , if you request your ticket to be closed you can private message a volunteer on the chat or on the forum to close it , also if you want to open a new one use a diff account and open a ticket and give 'em the req info about your problem .
  8. Hola , Usted debe abrir un boleto en el departamento de "estafa de informe" asegúrese de que su tema es de cinco palabras o más y darles la prueba req de cómo el usuario de estafa! https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Ticket/es https://util.xat.com/support/index.php También debe esperar una respuesta en su boleto
  9. You cannot delete an account with xats/days/powers or held on it. You will need to wait for the reserve to reduce, then transfer the xats to another account and eventually delete your account
  11. E44 => Bad user ID. Please login and try again. E50 => Bad user ID. Sorry you can't register. The ID you are trying to register has already been registered. You should be able to login. If you did not register, follow the new ID guide to get another ID to register. TO FIX THIS ERROR right-click on any chat screen, then click "Settings". After this, click the little folder icon, then click "Deny" and click close. After, refresh on the chat page or go to a new chat page. Click at your name and then "Register".
  12. E50 HOW TO FIX IT ? You should be able to login. If you did not register, follow the new ID guide to get another ID to register. SHOULD FOLLOW THE NEW ID GUIDE
  13. Crusades 3 icebucket 5 gold 7 sifu 8 deal down 1 xat6 2 audies 4 cody 6 lunar
  14. Hello , if you are banned at xat trade you can check the events also you can message the main owner of the chat to know the reason of your banned otherwish , if you change your account thats will not let you unbanned from a chat you get banned on it if you think this banned is unfair you can message the main owner and tell him about your problem and the staff you wish to report
  15. Hola , Si necesita más ayuda para crear uno, haga clic aquí click aqui. El departamento de Lost Auth está operando a una velocidad relativamente normal: haga clic aquí Si no puede abrir un boleto puede enviar un mensaje a voluntario un en el foro o en el chat
  16. smiles w/ powers 1- shinobi (shichallenge) 2- tropicalxmas (trstar) 3- mountain (mpenguin) 4- lovehug (lovebird) 5- paints (ppail) 6- peautifly (beahand)
  17. Crusades 2- e29 7- community 8- sevda 9- show 10- contributors 11- choirhug Down 1- helfen 3- ruby 4- broadcaster 5- adminstrator 6- independence
  18. smiles with powers name : 1- foolsday - (fospider) 2-transport - (tportal) 3-lovemix - (lovecutie) 4-vacation - (vacgelato) 5- nursing - (noxy) 6- sparta - (xerxes)
  19. reply anything and get a chance to win ghostmon
  20. ur going to win daughter lol
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