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  1. Hello if you lost your auth code you can open a ticket under lost auth and make sure your ticket subject is five words or more if you already have a ticket open you should wait till an answer on it or you can message a volunteer to close it for you. (YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE TICKET OPEN ) if you find any problem on creating ticket you can message a volunteer on the forum or on the chat to open a ticket for you also take a look at Xat's wiki page for ticket and ticket times to know more Hope thats helped you
  2. matchrace & power >?? that's what i know about xat since 2011
  3. my last answer and i will give up smiley coins twitter facebook search powers doodle trade smilies smilie register login buy coin coins subscriber gift xavi wiki ticket Promote spacewar, matchban, doodlerace, snakerace, switch, hearts, darts, zwhack
  4. wiki twitter search powers doodle trade smilies register login buy coin xats subscriber gift coins smilie help groups help q2 facebook ??
  5. facebook, wiki, twitter, search, powers, trade, doodle, smilies, coins, buy, xats, subscriber, register, login, xavi, gift youtube forum q2 xat terms
  6. (2) wiki page ( xat ) : xat.wiki/ facebook ( xatchats ) : xat.com/facebook twitter ( xat ) : twitter.com/xat buy ( xats ) : xat.com/buy xat.com/powers the default xat link that is not intended to be made that redirects you to xat homepage i think could be xat.com/terms.html
  7. q1: 1-faq 2- user guide 3- owners guide 4- Applications 5- Account protection 6- News/archive q2 : https://xat.com/terms.html
  8. zed

    Update Home Box

    You can add pastbin on your homepage which allow you to add more links snd you can use it on your homepage too
  9. no way no way u lose girl
  10. you missed it sorry i win
  11. i won close the topic now lol
  12. i wish they close it now ;(
  13. this suggestion could help trading people from getting scamming eg : someone offer allpowers and while the trade completed the user seeing that he don't get the whole powers
  14. go to "edit your chat box " assign the power (flix) any flix power you wish to use its animation background eg : Fairy , love winter .. ) just note more of a specific power you assign, the more animations become unlocked save changes and refresh your chat https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Category:Flix
  15. Hello ,, Open a ticket under lost access use an other account and give them the req information about it and make sure your subject is five words or more also if you find any problem creating ticket make sure to message a volunteer to open a ticket for you https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Ticket also read the ticket times
  16. Hello Marusya how are you doing ? Sorry to hear , If you get E29 This mean that you are locked out this account is locked to another location What should i do to solve it ? You should open a ticket under help topic ' locked out ' and give them the req info about your lock and make sure your subject of your ticket is Five words or more More at Xat's wiki errors If you find any problem on creating ticket try contact a volunteer hope that's helping you !
  17. zed

    Account Block

    what kind of error you are get ?
  18. are you on https ?? eg : https://xat.com/xat5 https://xat.com/help
  19. system errors 25 26 33 55 56 if ur held you should waut for ur held to be decrease if u get other problem open ticket under account block else ?
  20. System problem (33) reason Temporary transfer hold. Blocks only outgoing transfers and trades. what should user do Wait out the duration of the hold and if the hold doesn't decrease, then a ticket will need to be created under the "Account Hold" help topic
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