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  1. zed

    462 MARK

    thats very useful Right @Mike ? ; )
  2. zed

    461 OWLIE

    @Mike looks like you noob
  3. zed


    zedd 144541588
  4. its the time to run ur own website for graphics " laming graphics " -- " welcome to laming website for designing noob graphics ".
  5. such an amazing birthday yesterday lol
  6. 3. How many red dots are there in the (led) power smiley = 10 dots zedd 144541588
  7. zed

    WIN FIREFX (2)

    zedd (144541588)
  8. posting here is contributing everyone on forum who suggest or give idea which maybe used is a contributing
  9. zed


    zedd (144541588)
  10. congratulations to all the winners
  11. open this chat (https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/editgroup.php?GroupName=219537679 ) edit your chat if you are the owner if this not work open a ticket under chat block thats all babies
  12. i love ur smilies it make me happy thx u
  13. zed


    Zedd (144541588)
  14. zed

    Yum or Yuck ???

    yuck eat urself ?
  15. zed

    Yum or Yuck ???

    wtf yuck danilo ?
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