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  1. thx manu this is amazing
  2. text: ZED subtext: hello world colors/theme: black red blue image: n/a
  3. zed

    442 Neon

    can this power not being animation ? could we have smile that glow other smiles eg neonback ? (d#neonback#fff123)
  4. Vector for me Stop post on this game to win
  5. don't try again i' am the winner
  6. zed

    Happy birthday to you lemona🐦🐦

    1. Lemona


      Thank you Zed 🙈

  7. zed

    Happy birthday crowo

    Enjoy it bro

    1. Crow


      Thank you!!! I'll try to!

  8. same as you little bit for me
  9. thats a fantastic contest i may enter !
  10. 1234 2001 152590 143434
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