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  1. happy bday dude 






  2. zed

    mp3 mp3 (wailing)                          

    1. Thuk


      mp3 bro <333333333333333333333333 (wailing)(ok) 

  3. things aren't the way they were before.

  4. thanks for the birthday wishes !

    1. Thuk


      mp3 u deserve more! i have some girls for u

    2. zed


      uwu thx mp3 <333333333333333

  5. zed

    When you're sad and depressed,
    I will be here to put a smile on your face. 

    When you're angry and frustrated,
    I will be here to calm you down.

    When you're hurt and in tears,
    I will be here to wipe them away and mend the pain.

    When you're lonely and have no one, 
    I will be here to comfort you.

    When you're feeling unloved and unwanted,
    I will be here to tell you how very important you are.

    When you're having a bad day and need to lash out,
    I will be here to let off steam.

    When there is something on your mind that you need to say,
    I will be here to listen and understand.

    When you're lost in confusion,
    I will be here to help you figure things out.

    When you feel like you're going crazy,
    I will be here to bring you back to sanity.

    When you are so overwhelmed and need to get away,
    I will be here with open arms so we can run away together.

    When you're scared and frightened,
    I will be here to protect you and make you feel safe.

    When you are full of worries,
    I will be here to worry with you.

    I promise that I will always be here for my loved ones, 
    today, tomorrow and forever!



    1. LaFleur


      thank YOU ZED

  7. @oj i have a new avatar honey 

    1. oj


      omg youre so hot

  8. zed


    ur dream come true
  9. zed

    554 BABY

    more babes in malibu
  10. zed

    happy birthday my great son i hope u enjoy ur day ♥♥ 

    1. oj


      omg mr. zed, thank you for the kind wishes on my day of celebration. a message from you reaches no deeper than the depths of my heart. it warms me that you have remembered me on my special day ♥♥ much love

  11. zed

    Happy birthday dimple ♥♥

  12. i have banned 6 for 4 years reason: creating new forum game ...
  13. zed

    congratulations son

    1. Shake


      THANKS DAD ❤️

  14. zed

    happy birthday angry 

    1. ANGY


      Thank you very much my Zedsinho! (toj)

  15. i protect the king oj long live the king oj @oj
  16. zed

    happy birthday sloom. 

    1. SLOom


      Thank you Zed. :) 

  17. @oj is a amazing and helpful friend, he deserve anything better. he is friendly people loves his friends and a helpful user, he also helped me in doing alot of things he bring positive energy to everyone when they see him active at any chat. i hope i could be his friend in real life and i'm sure he is a amazing and better person. p.s. thanks for the avatar i will use it on the forum
  18. zed

    I Will never miss this day, happy birthday dimple enjoy this day as well. God bless you, and your family  <3 

    1. Dimple


      Thank u bozz, and i dont want u to miss this day bozz😩, study hard bozz and make ur dream come true. Stay cool person and

       God bless u always! 

  19. liverpool 4 ( salah(x2)- mane - firmino ) Real madrid 0 zedd 144541588
  20. zedd 144541588 Have faith in yourself, and pray for forgivness Never let your dream be destroyed no one can stop you from dreaming live everyday like it's your last day try hard to make your dream come true love yourself lol thx
  21. only 4 @oj @Sydno muffins and dimple
  22. she have 3 but they all died
  23. i would like to post some pictures of my cat aka sasa she is 2 and half years old she is fat and silly and very cute lol
  24. zed

    happy birthday bro 

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