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  1. hey bro are u going to help me to creat my project ? 

  2. feeling good with this avatar 


    thx oj ♥♥♥

  3. oj

    hello zed

    my condolences for not getting back to you earlier


    what do u think of my new avatar?

    1. zed


      ur avatar is very nice and cool 


      can i use ur old one honey ♥♥♥♥♥

    2. oj


      if u wish <33333333



  4. it has been a pleasure marshall . goodbye :-)
  5. SLOom

    Happy birthday, Zed!

  6. Happy Birthday  bro ❤️

  7. Shake

    happy birthday parental figure ❤️

  8. Shizuo

    Happy Birthday :D (sman)

  9. 6

    bro happy birthday!(hug) (blowkiss)

  10. Daniel

    Happy birthday daddy 😩😩

  11. Rhea

    Happy Birthday Zeddddd !!! 

  12. Mystic

    Happy Birthday!

  13. Stif

    Happy birthday Zed!

  14. maura

    happy birthday zed uwu

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