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  1. zed


    ur dream come true
  2. zed

    554 BABY

    more babes in malibu
  3. happy birthday :D

  4. zed

    happy birthday my great son i hope u enjoy ur day ♥♥ 

    1. oj


      omg mr. zed, thank you for the kind wishes on my day of celebration. a message from you reaches no deeper than the depths of my heart. it warms me that you have remembered me on my special day ♥♥ much love

  5. zed

    Happy birthday dimple ♥♥

  6. Im lost

    1. Cupim


      turn on google play services and make sure your google maps is running ok

    2. Shake


      what if he has a huawei...

    3. oj


      where are you

  7. SLOom

    Happy birthday, Zed!

  8. Happy Birthday  bro ❤️

  9. Shake

    happy birthday parental figure ❤️

  10. Shizuo

    Happy Birthday :D (sman)

  11. 6

    bro happy birthday!(hug) (blowkiss)

  12. Daniel

    Happy birthday daddy 😩😩

  13. Rhea

    Happy Birthday Zeddddd !!! 

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