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  1. hello world a good day 

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      Same for you friend Zed 🌞

  2. iam very cool pls add me lol
  3. I dont know if ur reply is a kind of troll but admins used this topic to let users share there problems with https
  4. happen for me too its appear as ur tom2 but going back to ur normal gifts
  5. u need to update the images
  6. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. ZEDD (144541588) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Hello if you lost your auth code you can open a ticket under lost auth and make sure your ticket subject is five words or more if you already have a ticket open you should wait till an answer on it or you can message a volunteer to close it for you. (YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE TICKET OPEN ) if you find any problem on creating ticket you can message a volunteer on the forum or on the chat to open a ticket for you also take a look at Xat's wiki page for ticket and ticket times to know more Hope thats helped you
  9. matchrace & power >?? that's what i know about xat since 2011
  10. my last answer and i will give up smiley coins twitter facebook search powers doodle trade smilies smilie register login buy coin coins subscriber gift xavi wiki ticket Promote spacewar, matchban, doodlerace, snakerace, switch, hearts, darts, zwhack
  11. wiki twitter search powers doodle trade smilies register login buy coin xats subscriber gift coins smilie help groups help q2 facebook ??
  12. facebook, wiki, twitter, search, powers, trade, doodle, smilies, coins, buy, xats, subscriber, register, login, xavi, gift youtube forum q2 xat terms
  13. (2) wiki page ( xat ) : xat.wiki/ facebook ( xatchats ) : xat.com/facebook twitter ( xat ) : twitter.com/xat buy ( xats ) : xat.com/buy xat.com/powers the default xat link that is not intended to be made that redirects you to xat homepage i think could be xat.com/terms.html
  14. q1: 1-faq 2- user guide 3- owners guide 4- Applications 5- Account protection 6- News/archive q2 : https://xat.com/terms.html
  15. You can add pastbin on your homepage which allow you to add more links snd you can use it on your homepage too