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  1. That's a long time for a contest, I'll likely be entering. Reserved.
  2. I'm usually at xat.com/graphics though a reward isn't necessary
  3. I'll make an exception, fill in the form, but I may make this one tomorrow.
  4. Doing my second request now. EDIT: @6, There's no anime adaptation for ToG, I'll use a manga colouring instead.
  5. In the title, just fill in the request form, only taking two requests though (since I don't have time for more) Text: Colours: Extras:
  6. Outer: background:url('http://i.imgur.com/PrpTiCU.png') center fixed no-repeat,url('http://i.imgur.com/iLvJuFT.jpg') center / cover fixed,#000}#chat embed{background:url('http://i.imgur.com/zQljaqf.png')}table:nth-of-type(3) td:first-child{width:24px}table:nth-of-type(3) td:nth-of-type(3){width:1px}table:nth-of-type(3) td:last-child{width:25px}table:nth-of-type(3) td:nth-child(even):nth-child(-n+5){display:none}#media embed,#control embed{margin:0 1em}div[style*='height:90']{height:90px}::selection{background:#000; Button Colour: #800720 Entry 2
  7. Hello there. My name's Callum, or Hype. I had started designing in August of 2014, and started designing xat graphics in 2015. I had also joined xat in 2015, making primarily backgrounds but also some 2D gifs. Now I'm exclusively a backgrounds designer when it comes to xat graphics, otherwise my expertise expands into just about anything in terms of aesthetic designs. I use Photoshop CC, and I'm still a mediocre designer to this day. Recently, I've semi-retired from designing due to my focus on college and my future, though I'll occasionally design when I have free time and feel like it.
  8. Hype

    Free Templates

    Great templates, I may be using some of them in the future. Thanks for the share.
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