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  1. Happened to me too. I used chrome and mozilla
  2. Happy birthday sis <3

    1. Marya


      Sweet heart many thnx  ilu sis <33 

    2. Angeline
  3. I have a problem with the new xat app update (ios). said, my password is incorrect even though it's correct.😭


    1. LaFleur


      Hi Angeline.


      I'll contact you in private.

    2. Angeline


      Ok 👍🏻 

  4. [ipad] Im mod but i cant pc them if they have nopc on.
  5. idk if its just my internet or ipad xat is ?? :(





    1. Anar
    2. 6


      1.5.8 now

    3. Angeline


      xat is ok now with 1.5.8. Thanks guys ❤

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  6. 1.5.4 (ipad) transfer notification is broken someone transfered me days on trade and i dont know who.
  7. iOS 1.5.2 so far so good ? 

    1. Angeline


      did you update? already 1.5.3


    2. Defne


      Yes , yesterday

    3. Angeline


      i really dont have a problem with xat app using ipad since 1.5.1

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  8. iOS 1.5.1 works well its just a smiley too small even though the font size is large

    1. Harrison


      You can change the font size by going into settings on the app. 

    2. Eleven


      Cant @Harrison, the smileys its too small

  9. 1.37 

    private chat still not working. If you are a moderator you cant pc a guest if he/she has a nopc on.

    transfer days/xats too

    1. Paul


      pc don't work fine, i just tried

    2. Angeline


      yes, transfer days/ xats too :(

    3. SLOom


      You have to disable NOPC if you want to pc people. (Already reported)

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  10. Angeline

    Mobile suggestions

    private chat and tranfer days/xats not working ?
  11. mobile device authorization is failed.  please try again later.. tried it many times :(

    1. Arthur


      Send in a login request again, go into your e-mail, open the most recent message you've received from info@xat.com and click on the link. Once the page is loaded, you will see a confirmation message, and you should be able to login.

    2. Angeline
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