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  1. Because needs attention why is it superman better than spiderman? Lmao
  2. @Shizuo yeah he's crazy. Crazy in love lol
  3. (not all ) because there's a reaaon haha why are boys full of BS? Because she's crazy over you 😅
  4. Maybe Because @Addict is lazy to learn lol why do we dream?
  5. I have snakebanned everyone for no reason.
  6. Because I just like it why are firetrucks red?
  7. 🌙 



















  8. Because you made me 1 lmao why are you on xat? 😂😂
  9. Because of our almost 5 months old SON 😛😛 @Anas why are you so happy today?
  10. Cause it’s delicious. Why are you all asking question?
  11. Happy Birthday hubby! 🎉 i love you ♥️

    1. Anas


      Thank you babe, i love you too my Shine ♡

    2. Angeline
  12. Angeline


    Like it 👍🏻
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