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  1. Happy birthday Angeline  (hug)



  2. Happy Birthday @Angeline rosehappy birthday GIF

  3. @Anas thank you for the round trip ticket lol. Finally, I'll see Mazin after a long time 😋😁 Thank you for your gift. I love you so so much 😁😍 

  4. Thank you guys for your birthday wishes. Happy Valentine everyone!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy birthday Angeline  (hug)

  7. Feliz cumpleaños . Te deseo lo mejor del mundo , Allah te bendiga eternamente estés donde estés 

    My Love Flower GIF by cintascotch 

  8. Happy Birthday 8-)

  9. Happy birthday Angeline sister, I wish you all the best in the world and a lot of health and respect from me, for you you have a good soul and a rich heart of friends dear to your heart.♥ and  Valentine's  Day♥

    Angeline sis  HBD!.png

  10. Happy birthday..🎉

  11. Bad ass 😁 thank you. I love you more.
  12. @Anas you scared me. I'm about to have a heart attack 😂😂 i love you.

  13. Is tickle not working in html5?

    1. Magic


      Not at the moment, only in Flash

    2. Angeline
    3. Maxo


      Tickle is not added on HTML5 chat yet but you can type the power name on the chat to see if you have it or not.

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