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  1. Staring at two different views on your window ledge..

  2. That was an interesting read... Most certainly worth every second! Great job @Sydno!
  3. 78 degrees? Sounds like a beach day to me (cool)

  4. Be the good in the world. <3

  5. Billy Mays back here with ... The Totally Awesome Rank Based Chat Scroller! The idea is simple. I propose that a feature be added to allow main owners and owners to be able to set different scroller messages for every user rank below Owner. For example, /s,mod There will be a staff meeting on May 3rd at 5pm EST! /s,member Welcome back! You're an awesome member! /s,guest Welcome to this chat! Read our blog to learn how to earn member and /s would still change the scroller message for all users. What are your thoughts on this feature?
  6. xCody

    Filter Power

    I like the idea. And as @TinkerDoodle stated, its something new.. and we all know that xat needs some new function powers.
  7. Teleportation. I want to travel the world and why pay for airfare when I can just teleport?
  8. xCody

    Help please!!!!

    You should make a ticket for this, under "locked out".
  9. I miss xat universe as well.. hopefully with enough support of the feature, they will bring it back.
  10. I've NEVER heard of that.. pictures please (XD)
  11. Requirements: Colors: Blue & Gray Text: xCody Any effects/extra requests: The use of the Blueman pawn in the background, if you can. THANK YOU!
  12. For the past 2 years I have never gotten more than 4 hours of sleep every night.. (twitch) Completely my fault though, work/school/trying to have a social life -_-
  13. but yeah, I actually watched 25 minutes of this video before I realized that I was still watching it. LOL
  14. I see some talent, @Dazer! Nice work :-) I like the idea
  15. Here is my question to you good people of xat.. What is your favorite "old" song? I'm looking for songs older than 2000... I'm interested to see what you guys come up with After all, music heals everything - right? Personally, I have a thing for 90's music and it's hard to pick just one but there is one song that will make me stop whatever I'm doing and burst out in American Idol mode.... Two Princes - Spin Doctors
  16. I don't own a truck but I love the Ford Raptors. THEY ARE SICK. Otherwise, i love my ford escape
  17. If you're expecting me to say that I'm going to spend it on someone else, you're wrong... I will buy every material object that I can.. A nice house in Key West, a sports car, ect ect
  18. xCody

    Free xatspace!

    Awesome work, thanks!
  19. I went to sleep last night at 7pm. Its now 4:30am and I am wide awake.
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