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  1. Happy birthday xCody

  2. Happy  Birthday  @xCody

  3. iDan

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday(hi)

  5. Happy Bday !

  6. Bau

    Hey - Sup
    Happy birthday!

  7. Staring at two different views on your window ledge..

  8. That was an interesting read... Most certainly worth every second! Great job @Sydno!
  9. 78 degrees? Sounds like a beach day to me (cool)

  10. Be the good in the world. <3

  11. Billy Mays back here with ... The Totally Awesome Rank Based Chat Scroller! The idea is simple. I propose that a feature be added to allow main owners and owners to be able to set different scroller messages for every user rank below Owner. For example, /s,mod There will be a staff meeting on May 3rd at 5pm EST! /s,member Welcome back! You're an awesome member! /s,guest Welcome to this chat! Read our blog to learn how to earn member and /s would still change the scroller message for all users. What are your thoughts o
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