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  1. Happy birthday 

  2. Happy   Birthday  @Danne

  3. Hello @Danne On this day I would like to congratulate you for your birthday and that you can celebrate many more, save me a piece of cake.(goo)

  4. Its time to get schwifty;)

  5. where are you noob ?

    1. 6


      Danne, did you quit xat? 

    2. Geordie


      he dont come on much :'(

    3. Danne


      Well i cant say i quit, but idk if i will be on much

  6. I hate Fish,lettuce and i hate wine!
  7. This music&video are so nice #GetSchwifty
  8. When you are addicted to one song and cant get enough ntO2b1y.jpg

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