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  1. it's been awhile my friend, how are you doing?

  2. my my, it's been awhile since i posted here on this chat.

  3. good afternoon, xat community.

  4. bird bird bird, the bird is the word. don't you know about the bird? everybody knows that the bird is the word.

  5. good morning, xats :d.

    1. ioana


      Good morning.


    2. Crow


      Do you always greet your xats this way? :$ What about your days too?

  6. i would first like to state that i apologize to all the people at help for my actions that caused me to say those kind of words, i was just offended when somebody started talking about my beautiful mother.

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    2. Guppy


      i'm still joking, pls stop being srs


      i leave now 

    3. Karl


      please stay guppy


    4. dead123456


      yes, stay, guppy.


  7. happy birthday, karl.

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