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  1. SELL IDS 10100 & 1973 Are cheap if you want to make an offer my Nick name: SteeL (1525399226)
  2. @Admin 2M 5M 1997 1994 1973 4444444
  3. I think it 's cool that the test of the powers are visives only for those who are using .. Why think you go in the store and pay 50 xats Mill in a ( gold ) and a person who has not spent anything has the same right ? . then I cool it was visible only to those who are using and a maximum of one hour.
  4. good day , after 3 months and 11 days to update a localization my account still leading punishments , then I create a new forum topic say : Have patience .., 3 months and 11 days to update a localization ? there always comes forum helper with an answer just to earn any post or think about helping people. If you are in the help they do not answer you , how long I have to wait to update a localization ? http://prntscr.com/cgnx85 http://prntscr.com/cgnxou can explain to me ?
  5. Hi muffins, I sent you some info about the shortname stuff. Pls check your messages. 

  6. xSpirit


    I desire to release shortname more in my new account 'm not a paid User someone who poca help me just release shortname to buy ?
  7. “Love conquers all”

  8. is normal 3-month ticket to solve one problem updating of localization and got this response over the account still maintained? http://prntscr.com/ca3ien people is something so simple .. asked me patience okay waited three months and when I got my answer the account is still maintained, the agent will help / help they madam have patience and never dao a legal answer .. I come in the same forum is thing , even when this lack of respect for the users of xat.com .. I know there are more delays 3 MONTHS !
  9. xSpirit


    I opened a ticket 3 months ago because my account was inpermanent held, and they explanied to me that was because i moved to another country and they asked me to prove that the account was mine. After 3 months, i had this answer and my account was released. But my account keeps getting held everyday.
  10. good recetimente my account was removed permanently held by log in another country because I moved , I presented the evidence in another ticket and was removed permamente held , only to continue taking 5 day held every day .. please phaco WHAT ? can not negotiate nor tranferir because every day my held increases ..
  11. I asked her lower supply , which offer lower accept?
  12. I'm interested , could you tell me minimum bid
  13. xSpirit

    error 55

    good my account is with this three months , has been moved from department already open in another and putting it all together has 3 months. Good my error 55 is because I lived in Brazil and moved to perú . It took 55 error , I answered all the questions and proved that the account really is mine and so far is 1 months and not had more response . I spent money will be even if you guys can not have respect for minimum ? 3 Months joke , I can not change my parents that xat.com do it? PLEASE ONLY PERSONS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEPARTMENT ME ANSWER , NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSE VOLUNTARY . THANK YOU.
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