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  1. Not exactly a hat, but we should be able to put glasses on the pawn.
  2. So like, since people agree - I say we get it done, but yah Mods should defo do the livestream in tight jeans and cute shirts omggg hot *Fans myself down*
  3. A constant itch. An itch is just something irritating, if you are used to it - it no longer becomes irritating. Would you rather be Donald Trump's father or Donald Trump's brother?
  4. Oh look who it is

  5. Hello! Without doubt, my favourite power to use on XAT is the PCBack power. I really like my PCback and I think it's just a shame that I don't get to see it when I open a chat, only the people I'm talking to can see it. I think this should change. I would like the ability to see my own PCback when I'm private chatting someone who doesn't have their own. In theory, if you have a PCback but the person you are chatting to does not, you should be able to see your own background as opposed to the Main Chat background. I've spoken to several people who have also wholehearted
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