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  1. Not possible, it's taken for some time (security system).
  2. I've deleted my gmail, not xat account. Can't get the login/verification code.
  3. Hello I have deleted my gmail account <removed> so I can't sign in my xat account "HORDE2007" because of email confrimation code. Can someone make ticket for me? I can scan my passport or something if needed. My new email is <removed> Name: HORDE2007 ID: 78486417 Location: <removed> ISP: <removed>
  4. Where to sell powers for PayPal money? I want to sell my Purple. How much is it worth in cash?
  5. Ok I sent a ticket. Thanks. I mean, I'm not stealing from myself Cheers.
  6. Hello I've bought new ID and want to transfer all my powers to it. When I try to transfer from my current reg just one power Namecolor it says Xat Reserve for about 2000 xats. Can you please remove that reserve from my account, I'm paid user and just want to change to another ID. My current ID is 172882348. I just need to transfer Namecolor to my self (another ID).
  7. Still not working because Skrill is not allowing to use Paysafe for non European Union countrys (Balkan countrys except Croatia).
  8. It's missing for Bosnia and Serbia
  9. Hello, I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina. When I click buy xats with Paysafe it redirects me to Skrill payment. I get my PSC cards on online shops because there is no to buy here. Can you please enable PSC payments for us?
  10. I will translate 100% correctly without mistakes. Just PM me if needed. I have a lot a time to waste in my life Someone translated in hurry for our language or using Google translate, so it's not good.
  11. I would like really to translate it in global. There is many Bosnian chat groups, and translation is very bad... So many of Bosnian groups are using Croatian or Serbian language for chat box because it's better translated. I'm using English variant on my Bosnian website and chat group because our translation s****...
  12. That's to edit Wiki, but where to apply for chat box edit?
  13. Hello, can I please re-translate Bosnian language for chat boxes. I mean it's not good translated (looks like someone translated it in hurry)... There are capital letters where they shouldn't be, untranslated words and some words that could be replaced with better: e.g current: Log out = Izađi (Izađi means Exit literally) better: Log out = Odjava (It means to Log out). Bosnian is my native language and I'm studying it, so it bothers me to see that (Grammar Nazi). Please let me re-translate it correctly.
  14. Ok, I'm buying flashrank. Close topic.
  15. Stealth is not good if I go under 30-40 people
  16. Hello, I'm owning a larger chat group and I would like to display my blueman pawn instead the orange owner pawn. Is that possible without a dollar $ sign? I hate that orange pawn
  17. When I click on Skrill payment, I get this:
  18. Hello I would like to self held myself for 7 days (normal held). How to do that? Reason is because another person will have access to my laptop for 5-6 days. So I want to held myself for 7 days.
  19. Yeah It's better to remove...I already paid group BosnaChat and don't use it. So I wasted 1000 xats on group name (it's not even a power/feature) lol.
  20. So what do you think, they will remove it?
  21. As the topic title said, remove word restriction in group name. E.g I want to make xat.com/SomethingChat, I can't because group name can't contain Chat in name. LOL. Webmasters (owners of websites) would appreciate that.
  22. 1. Xinu 2. Laravel 3. SuperBot 4. Ansi 5. Nexos 6. Knight
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