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  1. Google Chrome does not see the player even though it works. https://xat.com/radio_powerlove
  2. We will try on imgur, although they were on cubeupload the first time, thanks for helping, the topic can close
  3. Starting yesterday, I changed the pictures and it was ok, then they disappeared again. Strange is that in the panel everything looks ok. Now I tried with imgur.com a picture and it goes but I'm afraid that after a few hours they will disappear again
  4. Why do we disappear images from xat? We hosted them on the cubeupload, they disappeared, we changed them to postimg, they disappeared again. Help, please. https://xat.com/radio_powerlove
  5. the problem solved, you can close the topic. thank you
  6. No music is heard in the music box or player even though they are well made in both versions, in the ip box, the port and the / sign; and the player made with the generator on xatradio.com
  7. Good evening We do not have the music box anymore and the player does not want to work. Please help https://xat.com/radio_powerlove
  8. Thanks a lot, I changed with (bot5) hopefully there will be no problems, the subject may be closed
  9. I did all of this, I updated flasplayer and google chrome, I reset xat as though it came back a bit but it still goes hard on the chrome and edge, while on other xat if i do not have problems like this. I also opened a support ticket. Thanks a lot for trying to help me.
  10. Flashplayer is up to date, yesterday afternoon the problems started
  11. Most users complain that they block xat and even the computer when they access google chrome. What happens? xat.com/radio_powerlove
  12. The problem has been resolved, thank you very much, a good day
  13. The background of the xat, the background of the main and we have only one page of xat, page 2 where we had photos, player and games are missing
  14. Hello What happens to all disappear from our xat? https://xat.com/radio_powerlove
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