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  1. Not a feature but when the admins would chat with us, they are so busy now.
  2. Yeah what @Kotufa said, images should be private chats only. Would be useful imo. Chats do need an updated look though to be honest.
  3. These remind of the the one animal from The Regular Show.
  4. Not needed at all. You should be open to what you like and dislike.
  5. WindWaker

    Liqour power

    Yes. You could add on to the beverages power @6!! Nice idea.
  6. There are a few ideas you have acknowledged (slushie, marshmallow, and excite power which you gave positive response to all so i hope all these are made individually!) So i will wait for those before spamming the suggestions, since there are a handful of suggestions already here for you guys. Plus you said you already had premade powers to release overtime.
  7. *thrilled* oh wait doesnt exist yet
  8. Yeah would be nice. Ok lol, for a second I thought... xd
  9. the gkaoani one is kinda cool, but the hell is that pixelated trash for ebunny?
  10. i think useless but nice try
  11. the struggle of owning all the powers.
  12. for an idea: maybe some cute smilies too with their eyes.
  13. Lemonade Ribs or Steak?
  14. nope never noticed the difference between the two.
  15. i already do an eye test between gold and owner.
  16. it doesnt matter if a lot of people like the suggestion, it has to appeal to them for them to make it since well.. its their choice, they are the ones making it not us. they wont make something that isnt appealing to them. and atm, the mentality is to make everything cute in animal form. i dont understand. not everything needs to be cute to be a good power, what about cool and useful? sins isnt cute but is a good power, angel, six, shocker, etc. are not cute, but cool and have a high interest.
  17. ok i misunderstood. but do we really want more animals is my point. dont we want fresher ideas for smiley powers.
  18. didnt know those were animals, thought they were insects. you got me there. wow. what could have been done is a power called "insects" for smilies like those. and we have an animals power, farm power, pets power where they all could have gone. do we really need an individual power for each animal? then we get lovemix which is a power full of emotes of existing powers that features a few animals. sigh. might as well rename xat.com to zoo.com
  19. i mean you were using the argument that excite looked too similar to shocker so i dont see why people cant bash animal powers for looking similar. they all look the same just a different animal. again xat aint a zoo, if you wanna see animals go visit a zoo. pce out.
  20. im thinking the same, i would prefer it to be its own power rather than mixture or (lol free), is too great of an idea to not be its own power
  21. technically 3 since I consider ep to be an epic pawn. I know where you are coming from as I am sick of seeing animal powers, xat is not a zoo ppl. i was hoping for a pawn the poor could afford, like the yellow suggestion, but we wont be seeing that idea either since we get powers with no real purpose. (just look at latest, already has bugs with size and its not something anyone would use in a conversation or even use after easter) but whatever.
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