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  1. The “Seen” delivery status indicates that the recipient has opened the conversation to which you have sent the message
  2. What do you think about user power ''seen'' for private message when user see your msg (whatsap, viber)
  3. Or realise 1000 aliblue. Because it is aliblue on trade expensive.
  4. Who want power auction for Aliblue?
  5. This power can be nice and to be Very Limited
  6. Yes this is good idea. Who's watching cartoon movie ''little foot''? Dino power can be cutie :3 LITTLE FOOT
  7. I want an option for gold that turn on-off shine, or make shine power function for on-off shine
  8. It can be called Aliblood or Alidropblood or Aliensblood. What do you think?
  9. You can change the name and add the ears or hair or something else.
  10. Power name: Waterdrop (smiley power).
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