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  1. Sory swf music player works, buth html not work , that is html not swf player https://xatradio.com/player/acf85e217.html end code must go with [radiohtml:500:500:acf85e217]. Im tray to use html music player with swf player is always problem with rtmp. This html player work with out rtmp end go direct from my servers end not stoping work.
  2. Sory my mistake wrong player link this is working link https://xatradio.com/player/acf85e217.html end here is chat room link where is player invisible im think is samthing wrong with xat.com https://xat.com/SrceNaDlanu
  3. Hi, maybe someone can help me with the html music player uploaded on https://xatradio.com/, because the direct link from site works. http://prntscr.com/im6e0w >>> https://xatradio.com/player/d0af91b38.html . On the chat player is not visible http://prntscr.com/im6ee7 . Im using code [radiohtml:400:336:d0af91b38] in edit of chat room. Ty for you help.
  4. Bmw007


    Cupim im not hawe problem for hide ip end port that secured becose im my self provider on my own dedicated server end im using Centova Cast licencs. Buth for RTMP that the problem, and ok now nobady can not lock players that clear to me im hope that im not see eny onother locked player on xat.com. Ok im unlock all my player end send tho you again but im thing that not ok buth your home you rules.
  5. Bmw007


    Howe are onother 3 safe end accepted its same music player same code, same script, evrithing same, you not read my post. End please can you find me where writhe about locking music player in terms?
  6. Hi one ask for xat.com. Im selling music servers end players for music. Ok now xat transfer all players to radioxat, that to ok. Buth now we hawe problem im can not lock eny more my music players end protect him from stealing my music players. Radio xat not accepting end not apruve my music player. End one more ask im send 3 music player to radioxat end some admin there are accept all 3, next day im send same player same script total same player only onother ip end port end all 17 whas rejected ? What hepening there can sombady explain that pleasw. Ty for answer.
  7. Im need too help for this becose im seling Music server end now im can not puth music players on edit of chat room. Some domain is blocked buth not all. What now ? eny help please.
  8. Hi is this legal to copy one of chat room. That copy of chat room http://prntscr.com/citfdp link off chat http://xat.com/radlo_izuzetakk end owner is on photo. That is original chat room end my orginal photo http://xat.com/radio_izuzetakk . Can Admin please chek this. Ty
  9. Hello, Im open ticket, for banner advertise. Promotion with advertise banner not work 2 weeks. Can sombady chek this. Ty for help.
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