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  1. First of all hello all, I wanted to share the information of the dream new power ( means it is an imagination ) So , the name are Text Glow and Text Color. Now see how I came to my imagination. I was thinking about NC and NG and by mistake I tested something by writing " How are all you guys (glow#FFFFF) " I thought if there would be something like TG and TC it would be awesome .. Example is in the picture Thank you all
  2. Dimple the name Xatris wont work because the GAMEBOT games like Snakerace , Spacewar , Doodlerace etc. do not refer XAT in it. Tetrace or Tetrisrace will be better. Sorry to say that @TinkerDoodle it's my option
  3. Amazing Idea Dimple ... Dear Xat Staffs please add this Cool Tetris game so the Gamebot lovers and the Tetris players would be participating more and more loving the Gamebot as usual ... I am supporting you dimple ! Hope Tetris come soon!
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