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  1. ¬°Felicitaciones, Shake!

  2. Fermgle


    From what I understand... it can be used to configure something very similar. But since they have already released so many epics for the nickname I don't know if one more will come beyond the statusgrad.
  3. This idea of interview was very creative, to think that already so much time has passed and the memories of something so memorable still continue in the imagination of each one that has happened here and there, in the life of all the involved ones.
  4. Could a cleaner app version brings the lack of functions available on screen? @CarlosDesigns
  5. There is some logic in what you have put very well inclusive, his functionality for flashplayer at the moment would not be compatible with the result expected by those who suggested the idea, and probably will only be considered for HTML5.
  6. looks like germs?
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