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  1. Hello Sedat, i wish you a happy day and have a nice birthday

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy   Birthday  @Sedat

  4. happy bday 

  5. tumblr_om306pKRKW1sowe88o1_500.gif

    1. Sevda


      Hahaha, is that you :p

    2. Sedat


      Mm, I'm just like you! :) 

  6. The xat logo has been changed. Of course! We need translators for Spanish and other languages. We allow translators to translate to their native language only. Thank you for your feedback! I think if it is used, it will be a cool theme.
  7. It has been already changed. Thanks anyway!
  8. @Admin Should I delete it? Thank you Mido! Actually, we created it for turkish help(@yardim). There is no objection to adding more language support.
  9. Sedat

    Happy bday (sman)

  10. I know. Bubble shooter to be added later. It looks good, please try again I am sorry about that. Virus scanning has been done, looks clean.
  11. It can be useful to you with simple interface and simple use. Report any suggestions or bugs. You can reach me at @yardim or private message. There is only Turkish language support...(For now) Click to look Yardim.cf Virustotal(full)
  12. Merhaba Ramazan; Kullanıcı adını farklı bir id numarasına taşımak için ücretli kullanıcı olman gerekir.(Buy'dan en az bir defa xats ve days almak gerekir) Buraya kadar bir sorun görünmüyorsa, "Short Names" başlığı altında bir ticket oluşturmalısın! Oluşturduğun bilet içeriğinde kısa isim transferi yapmak istediğin id numarasını belirtmen, yapılacak işlemlerin hızlandırılmasına sebep olacaktır. Hala desteğe ihtiyacın varsa, bana özel mesaj ya da Xat Resmi Türkçe Yardim sitesi üzerinden ulaşabilirsin. Bol şans!
  13. Well guys! I thought that, I should have done that.(delayed decision) I'm okay with that. That is no importance for me to win! My purpose is only multi-entry. Not win. Maybe, to encourage other people. I think that was a good work. I can't give credit because I could not find in recent history. I'm saving on my computer.(No information with creative) Yes, it's my fault but maybe this are corrected by me and all people. I think that all entries not original. This is normal! Because, creative should take inspiration from somethings. We can use the data that we hosted on computer. Can be found on the internet. I am sure, many people did like me. We need to appreciate it. It's the effort that counts. Everyone was labored. We should respect the labor. @Manu can be inspire me. He have good template works. He already shared in the forum for us to use that. Maybe I used, really I dont know. That is available for a long time on my computer.(I have mentioned this before) if I use, thank the contributor or contributors. My entry has been edited by me. All entry are really very good! I think, it will be difficult. Good luck everyone! Thanks.
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