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  1. It looks like you @Leandro 😲🦍 Good work to the creator.
  2. OMFG !! Is so cute af. Good idea and job, as always Santy.
  3. Pia


    iPia (592658849)
  4. Pia

    Hi my name is

    Hii, my name is @Thuk and I'm tortuguito of Pia. 🐢💚 kkk'
  5. Good, I was a noticias staff for 2 years and I managed it for more than 1 year. I know how that works, and I agree that users should earn the rank that they already have. When this happens, they appreciate more and take care more the rank, not simply because it was given to them by a friend how Glitch does it. Also, as they admit the spanish language was a great initiative but has had shortcomings because more moderators are needed to handle the spanish language very well, because there are users who do disturbances in this language. That's just my point of view.
  6. Congratulations again my dear friends, they deserve it! <3
  7. Pia

    Win GLITCH!

    iPia (592658849)
  8. Feliz cumpleaños Leandrito 🤗


    1. Leandro


      Muchas gracias Barbarita<3

  9.                                           ♡ 




  10. Pia

    Feliz cumpleaños amiguitoooooo! 💗 Te mando un abrazo enorme (hug)

    Finalmente ya no serás tan niño :$(toj)


    1. Skatel


      Gracias bebe :$ anciana

  11. When will there be solution the problem of flash will be solved with the animation smilies, pawns in the app ?
  12. Has started! Thanks all for your donations
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