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  1. Finally @lemona !! Congrats ♥
  2. Happy holidays everyone! 🎄💝 

    1. Pia


      Thank u, Maxo!

    2. Witness


      Merry Christmas dear! Wish you the best! (hug)

    3. Exin


      Merry Christmas @Pia (hug)


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  3. Pia

    Free PCBacks

    Thank u, good job!
  4. Pia

    Free PCBacks

    Theme: Something cutie Color: blue or black and white Desired text: Pia Font: type "sans serif" Thanks!
  5. Prize received Thanks!
  6. Pia

    520 KCAR

    That KAR is perfect for kids👦; matches with you @Samuel Run, run!! 🚘 🚖
  7. Pia

    Ahora entiendo muchas cosas...

    Tu cumpleaños por estas fechas 🤔😇😂


    ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Samuelo! 🎂🎈


    Disfrutá tu día.🧑🏽👏🏻


    1. Samuel


      Al menos yo si pongo el verdadero día 😲 ;) 


      Graciasss jajaja(hug)

      te quedaste sin like 


    2. Pia


      Yo también 😡 que tú tengas pésima memoria no es mi culpa. 😢 

      Bueno, ahora me lo debes. 😉

  8. Pia

    518 MUERTOS

    Jajajaja heyyy no, why @Mihay? You did a very good job, as always!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖
  9. Pia

    518 MUERTOS

    That movie is based on "the day of the dead in México", also this power. Many elements are iconic and fundamental to this celebration. 🇲🇽💀 God job guys!!! 😭 And special thanks @Júnior 💖
  10. OMG! You deserve it, graaaaats @SLOom !!
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