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  1. I protect the dukedom. Again
  2. I protect my super dukedommmm! Keep away..
  3. 💤

    1. Vritme


      zZz bzz (smirk)

  4. Pia

    Mia bonita 🤗

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños! 🎈🎂

    Mis mejores deseos para ti. 🤞🏻💖

    1. miaa


      gracias bonitaaaaaa <33

  5. Thanks, thanks Stif; u too @KOPAS !!
  6. Pia

    535 MORPH

    For some weird reason this power reminded me of this...
  7. In my point of view, I choose the 3rd option (gradient 70 - 75% w/e)... Because, the gradient in that level of opacity shows a bit of depth in the button and without exaggeration, this effect it's easier to read the text on the buttons. Also, it's very similar to the new design of xat in HTML5 (flat), without losing the gradient style that characterizes xat.com. ^^
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