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  1. Favourite power: Muertos for my collaboration and has a bit of culture mexican. Favourite chat you went to: I think noticias ! Favourite part about xat: Canvas Favourite user that you met: @SLOom *-* ♡ Favourite forum thread: Contests. Favourite xat fan/tool site: illu it's useful, fluid, good design, good tools.
  2. Finally @lemona !! Congrats ♥
  3. Maxo

    i like your avatar (toj) that girl is crazy 

    1. Pia


      Haha tnx! 

    2. Fons


      Es ella... Cuándo no le abre algún programa de adobe :v 

  4. Happy holidays everyone! 🎄💝 

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    2. Pia


      Thank u, Maxo!

    3. Witness


      Merry Christmas dear! Wish you the best! (hug)

    4. Vritme


      Merry Christmas @Pia (hug)


  5. Pia

    Free PCBacks

    Thank u, good job!
  6. Pia

    Free PCBacks

    Theme: Something cutie Color: blue or black and white Desired text: Pia Font: type "sans serif" Thanks!

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