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  1. Emran

    Lost Auth

    help me please I forgo Lost Auth
  2. But you can not hear email to find out?
    1. Lemona


      I'm having a really hard time understanding you. For you to reset your password (xat.com/lostpass), you must know the email associated to your xat account. If you forget this email or have lost access to it, please open a ticket  on an alternate account under "LOST ACCESS". You can then explain your issue there and ask for an email hint/change. You should receive a reply within 5 days or so. 

      To learn how to make an alternate account, please read THIS.

      I've explained this very well to you 3-4 times now. I hope you understand. And other questions just DM me. 

      Hope this helped.. 


  3.  EmranPrintzu21 (1481948308) 

    I forgot my password and e- mail do not know what to do?
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    2. Flake


      Why do you specifically need my help? lol


      Follow the steps Lemona said.

    3. Verite


      Maybe if you weren't abusing the reputation system, people would not ask you.

    4. Flake


      hey, who said i don't mind people asking me stuff (;

  4. **EmranPrintzu21: Wrong username/email or password E25**
  5. why not go at the name is good, but do not go your password? help me , please Recovered password I do not know that I have your e- mail account
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