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  1. Stof

    Win 15k

    That was quick xd
  2. Stof

    Back to graphics

    I go for simple methods and simple programs! unless for big projects I resort some advanced tools Gif creator <<<<
  3. Stof

    Back to graphics

    Thanks for tip! I didn't use Photoshop tho, it's another pro which doesn't do "fill" or has that number of tools like PS! I be waiting the modification you'll apply to the Bg
  4. Stof

    Back to graphics

    For PG,a simple description would be gd (anime , cars, fantasy , nature, shapes ...etc)
  5. Stof

    Back to graphics

    I could change bg if you have suggestions
  6. Stof

    Back to graphics

    I don't keep original files after producing png
  7. Stof

    Back to graphics

    Hope you like it !
  8. Stof

    Back to graphics

    Now, all you have to do is to choose a great Quote (inspirational, love..etc) 2.post it in comments ! 3.best Quotes will get you a free Pcback created by me ! (please write text or id to be included ) *If you Like a quote or want to design a Pcb as a gift for a friend please make it happen here !
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