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  1. I'm hoping to expect less anxiety and stress in my life coming into 2018. All jokes aside, I definitely do wish for 2018 to be better than 2017. A lot happened during 2017 where I actually had to leave xat for a little bit to clear my head. Lost a good best friend of mine during a car accident and losing a family member all within the same month. So, let's make 2018 count!
  2. My favorite YouTuber would have to be Shane Dawson. I have been following him for many years now and he's even followed me on Twitter.
  3. Hi, everyone. Just wanted to start a quick topic on how everyone's New Years was. Did anyone have a great New Years? I personally had a lot of fun, spent the time with my boyfriend and a few of my close friends. Had our own dance party while we were drunk. It was a fun time. How about you?
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