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  1. Oh okay. But I think it should stay the same. Like it being (mad) (sad) (smile)(biggrin)(wink) etc. Like replace the ones we have now.
  2. That is what I was trying to get across, is that xat should update the smiley list cause who knows the last time it was updated lol
  3. I mean, why don't we? Why did they update the smilies in the first place? Why can't they bring them back? We should do a poll about this.. #BringBackTheSmilies2k16
  4. ^ Yes, this explains it all.. I feel like that these would really express how a xat user would REALLY feel. Just like you would on any social media website Facebook, Instagram, etc. Honestly, I would think that this would be good for everyone, cause you know, everyone loves their own type of emoji. And plus, if we add on to where the smilies are free, there would be more of a variety for everyone instead for the people who have xats/days/powers. Cause you know. Equality for all. ( And yes, I know, we already have some of them.)
  5. So what i'm thinking, is that we all have AT LEAST one of our favorite candies. And I think that we should design our favorite ones into Smilies. Brands like Hershey, M&M's, Skittles, Jolly Ranchers, Etc). It's kinda related to Candy power, and Chocolate power, but instead the smilies are actually coming from a real brand. And the pawns can be candy brand themed too. <- Or, we can divide the candies into separate powers, since some candies have more than one in each brand ( if you know what I mean..) EDIT : Thinking about a starbucks themed smilie.. What do you guys think?
  6. She's the new Ari2.0. No one, disagrees with this. I will be getting the front row tickets so don't even try fighting with me. #1Ari2.0FAN

  7. "Grange" W-was that a pun or a grammar mistake on purpose lol.
  8. Also we already have another Ariana. It's Lemona. She's Ariana Grande 2.0. No one can replace her #AriQueen2.0
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