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  1. LOL. Phone power confirmed^
  2. @Lemona i'm a Advanced Member now!!! :d

  3. Sounds.. good. So, everyone can change the scroller? It doesn't have to be just main owner/owner only?
  4. So this is like rating how the trade was? Like your experience? Sounds good I guess, and if you got scammed it would have a box saying " If your experience wasn't good, explain here" So, then you could show your proof that you got scammed.
  5. Being in the dark.. Oh my god when that happens I get so much anxiety
  6. LOL YES! That's creativity nowadays.
  7. Sounds like a great idea. What about Jailgag. Like, " You have been Jailgagged for 0.5 hours reason : Blah blah blah." Like everytime you tried to talk, it would add more time for you to being gagged. The time would be increased, by as much as you started with. So since the person banned you for 0.5 hours, It equals one hour. Idk if this even sounds like a great idea. I feel like others would be confused by this.
  8. Alexis

    Free xatspace!

    Thank you so much!
  9. Alexis


    We should have a Best Friend column, Friends column, and Ignore column. Also there should be a trash button right besides their name so if you wanted to delete someone there would be a pop-up saying " Are you sure you want to delete [ Insert name here ]". Idk it's just a suggestion. I'm thinking of the columns should look like ban pools
  10. Have a power for every little thing that happens?! I disagree with this cause this would make xat seem like they're running out of ideas.
  11. Alexis

    Free xatspace!

    Wow, this is really good. Can't seem to download the third one for some reason. Can someone give me the css code to that one? Thank you!
  12. We do have a fruits power, but this would be nice to have as a separate power. Maybe they could have it for the other fruits too ( Apple Orange Lemon) Etc. And of course, @Lemona would LOVE a Ariana Grande themed Lemon smilie
  13. Not a great idea. xat already has Namegrad. We don't need anymore because it would overdo it.. A LOT. And then if we have Statusgrad.. then they're gonna continue the grad family with some more powers called Textgrad, Pawngrad, Hatgrad, etc. Then xat would really be a colorful place.
  14. Why you gotta be so RUDE? Don't you know i'm HUMAN too?
  15. Hello from the OTHER SIDE...
  16. We could do it for like, the people who want Donald Trump for president. But honestly I DON'T WANT THIS AT ALL THIS IS SUCH A BAD IDEA The pawn is funny though.. omg
  17. A. I'm restarting the Alphabet, @Lemona
  18. Alexis

    Back to graphics

    Stof, you're really talented. Might as well share the secrets on how to be talented just like you. c:<
  19. And it's ME! Where's my crown.
  20. Why did the get rid of the originals in the first place, anyway?
  21. Alexis

    Jail pawn??

    Well, i'm thinking of a black and white swirl ( representing the outfits)
  22. Somethin' bout you.. (smirk)

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    2. Alexis


      Makes me feel like a Dangerous Woman <- Supposed to complete my sentences (meh)

    3. Lemona
    4. Alexis


      (ugh) Ain't nobody got time for that.

  23. Alexis

    Jail pawn??

    So, I was thinking of a jail themed pawn. Since we have a jail power, already, <- This. And since we don't have any pawns, for this specific power, it should be a black and white theme. It would be based off of the Jail outfits. I don't have an example of the pawn at the moment, but what do you guys think??
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