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  1. Going for both. I prefer watching it in English because it doesn't require my full attention, but sometimes the lip sync bottleneck is too much and it ends up awful (e.g. an edgy character that speaks slow in Japanese but is forced to stutter in English just to match, but at that point it might be a crappy localization team). If it sucks, I'll watch/play subbed since I don't know the difference between good or bad in other languages.


    Once in a blue moon, though, the English dubs end up being far better in every way. I think it's worth giving them a shot just for that chance.

  2. On 7/16/2017 at 8:12 PM, Crow said:

    A big plate of fruit: green apple, orange, banana, kiwi, red grapes, peach, a handful of cherries, and a mango and passion fruit yogurt. :$ I was feeling sick by the end. 

    😢 All I had was a plum and a banana. U lucky

  3. 25 minutes ago, 6 said:



    It's seems the issue on Chrome Beta now is fixed. I'm able to use Chrome beta normal now. Just have to un-install the normal Web Chrome browser and re-install Chrome Beta again.

    too much work dammit

  4. 6 minutes ago, T0x1c said:

    Link to the post where you said that "9 hours ago" ?

    It was through a private message. Does it matter when I posted it?

    It won't change anything.

  5. 37 minutes ago, T0x1c said:

    I can not understand your last comment, would you please rephrase?

    33 minutes ago, Manu said:

    What is the contest based on?

    It was a joke. Ignore it.

    38 minutes ago, T0x1c said:

    I've tried several ways of contacting you and no reply.

    All I need to know is if you want it. I read it, now I'm just waiting to see who else wants it.

    35 minutes ago, Manu said:

    I think the one who has the command of the chat must have knowledge of graphic design. The user must show their knowledge about the graphics.

    I don't disagree here, but that's not all you need.

    35 minutes ago, Manu said:

    Repeating the same staff over and over again only causes the chat not to advance.

    I wanted to pick someone who gave a * about the chat beforehand and didn't just see it as another rank. I had someone in mind, but I'm not sure he wanted it, so I'm asking here.

    38 minutes ago, Manu said:

    So it would be ideal to put new people, new ideas, new dynamics.

    Cool. So what would you bring?

    35 minutes ago, Manu said:

    I do not see the need to use Discord by having the chat to interact with the users.

    That wasn't my idea. Seems rather irrelevant. It has its perks, though.

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