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  1. The joke was that there was none. #gotem
  2. They should delist every chat
  3. https://www.xatworld.com/bigchat/ Don't know if this still works.
  4. You could get AdBlock or load the chat on its own (it'll fill up the page).
  5. We were wrong guys. No memes.
  6. if only they removed that ***************************************************** (pretend there's a bunch of swears) ugly *************** gradient
  7. I don't know why things should be changed just because it's animated. Just report it and be done.
  8. would've been fun if guppy had to give it back
  9. But I haven't found an ATM to exchange $20 for coins wtf
  10. Four subforums is a bit much for a low-activity forum.
  11. They're imported, and apparently someone bought the last of them.
  12. I am now 18 years and 12 months old.

  13. They wouldn't even bother suing over a picture, especially if it's fan art (that promotes them). Other forms, though, they will try.
  14. Throwing $20 of coins into a pond so I win gl2me
  15. Elie


    You may have better luck adding more details, such as theme and price range.
  16. Spent like a week playing TLoZ: BotW and too many things happened on xat.

  17. I thought that was real then I saw it was the beginning of April. 😫
  18. Dee Ess Island, and it would be shaped like one.
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