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  1. Elie

    Graphics chat

    I picked Manu like 9 hours ago
  2. I need some friends with the Switch




    All of my usual friends don't have one cuz they spent it on stupid stuff -cough- sanic -cough-

    1. 6


      If you wanna SWITCH to ps4 sure ;)

    2. Elie


      I should change my status to -cough- 6 -cough-

  3. Elie

    Graphics chat

    It was a joke. Ignore it. All I need to know is if you want it. I read it, now I'm just waiting to see who else wants it. I don't disagree here, but that's not all you need. I wanted to pick someone who gave a * about the chat beforehand and didn't just see it as another rank. I had someone in mind, but I'm not sure he wanted it, so I'm asking here. Cool. So what would you bring? That wasn't my idea. Seems rather irrelevant. It has its perks, though.
  4. Elie

    Graphics chat

    i should just do a contest for it smh 1v1 pharah pc ow thx not really besides you'll lose
  5. why did you like a year old post of mine :s

    1. Ereshkigal


      because im a stalker

    2. TrueRedDevil
    3. Ereshkigal


      loool pls dan

  6. Elie

    Graphics chat

    If you want to run Graphics chat, post here or message me privately. The only requirement I have is that you have some history with the chat. Good history. Not bad. No bad bananas. Basically if I've never heard of you, chances are you aren't going to be picked. Unless there's like one person lol
  7. everyone scrapping their ideas now
  8. damn right u leave us alone
  9. making a list of all of you that didn't enter my contest but enter this one
  10. "here's ur reward: estimated arrival 6 months"





    but i also got a free 6 month netflix subscription who wanna use it

    1. Bau
    2. Ethan


      I wanna use ur netflix subscription Kappa

  11. Elie

    Pizza power

    If created, they should add a disgusted face (barely) eating a slice of pineapple pizza. Then puking.
  12. But you couldn't enter my contest
  13. Yes watch as your wallet dies at the speed of light
  14. It's what happens when you go too fast.
  15. I was gonna say something but then I didn't want to and now I can't delete the quote box idk why But good post I appreciate the bold text it saved me time which I then wasted trying to delete the quote box
  16. Elie

    Alphabet Tag

    I'll pick tomorrow
  17. When the only option under options is hide


  18. elemenopee. It's a single letter.
  19. Elie

    Alphabet Tag

    I didn't approve of this.
  20. I only read up to where you said it was a review, in which case if someone doesn't like the chat, they can fake the votes. If there are new users and they can see it, they may not want to stay.
  21. Unless restrictions are added, this won't end well.
  22. I was just reading that damn thread and it disappeared smh

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. xLaming


      Gonna cry girls!

    3. Stela


      You hid it! :o





    4. xLaming


      I did magic, it disappeared!!!!

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