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  1. This place got Thanos'd.

    1. Guppy


      welcome back ily but no endgame spoilers pls

    2. Elie


      Deadpool kills the Avengers.

  2. Do you guys care about the core rpg games and where they're headed or do you just think Pokemon is cool
  3. Apparently the Tick got his own show. Glad to see him moving on in life.

  4. Who wants a Sonic Mania code




    For the Switch

  5. Pineapple on pizza is a crime against humanity.
  6. Going for both. I prefer watching it in English because it doesn't require my full attention, but sometimes the lip sync bottleneck is too much and it ends up awful (e.g. an edgy character that speaks slow in Japanese but is forced to stutter in English just to match, but at that point it might be a crappy localization team). If it sucks, I'll watch/play subbed since I don't know the difference between good or bad in other languages. Once in a blue moon, though, the English dubs end up being far better in every way. I think it's worth giving them a shot just for that chance.
  7. I've never had seafood other than fish when I was younger and I'm too afraid to try any.
  8. Why does it ask me if I'm sure I want a forum to be marked as read? I clicked it didn't I??? :@

    1. Cupim


      Maybe you didn't read it well 

  9. 😢 All I had was a plum and a banana. U lucky
  10. Who has ARMS for the Switch


    pls fite

  11. I remember in school when subs meant a good time. Not at work. Oh no.

    1. ANGY


      I remember that at school I was always robbed of the pencil :( 

  12. The Switch Someone fight me in ARMS this Friday
  13. Booping someone off the map with Pharah in Overwatch. Especially those who just ulted or a Roadhog that hooks me but dies.
  14. I have found a use for this 👁️
  15. Elie

    I never never

    I've never ever cracked open a cold one with the boys. 9/10
  16. Elie

    Why is your name iHand


    Also we have the same birthday


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. oj
    3. Ereshkigal
    4. iMano


      @oj Hmm. I understand ty.


      @Elie Elie, This name is called since I was young :] So i can't change it and this is not my problem that my nickname is meaning in Spanish language  " Hand " xD  

      @Lunala It doesn't mean anything with Spanish 

  17. hello yes i can't click on the text box or close PCs pls fix thx

    1. Guppy


      reset your cache or something

  18. Elie

    Graphics chat

  19. Elie

    Graphics chat

    It was through a private message. Does it matter when I posted it? It won't change anything.
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