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  1. Elie's post in Ads slowing computer was marked as the answer   
    You could get AdBlock or load the chat on its own (it'll fill up the page).
  2. Elie's post in Is my account torched? was marked as the answer   
    You are not torched, but you are indefinitely held.
    if you would like to get this resolved, open a ticket under the Account Block department.
  3. Elie's post in Problem with the new power X2D in my account was marked as the answer   
    Open a ticket under General Question or Concern and we'll try to help you.
    If you can't, send me a message.
    Abre un ticket bajo el help topic 'General Question or Concern' e intentaremos ayudarte.
    Si no puedes, envíame un mensaje.
  4. Elie's post in Ticket Transfer To Correct Derpartment was marked as the answer   
    When volunteers in whatever department see it, they'll transfer it. Reply time shouldn't be affected.
  5. Elie's post in un banned me please was marked as the answer   
    Message @Maverick if you want to get unbanned, and never open a thread about this again.
  6. Elie's post in i want get to respond to my ticket was marked as the answer   
    Opening multiple threads will not help you get a faster reply. Volunteers have lives, and not all of them are in the department your ticket is in, so it's delayed. You just have to deal with it.
    Helpers, if you see someone opening multiple threads on the same topic, report them instead of telling them the same thing.
  7. Elie's post in Unfair was marked as the answer   
    You are never guaranteed a refund. You are, in general, responsible for everything that happens to your account and anything on it. If it involved items outside of xat, you should have known the risks beforehand.
    It doesn't encourage theft. Scammers are still punished even if you aren't refunded.
    Opening a thread also will not solve your problem, at least not this problem.
  8. Elie's post in Ticket System was marked as the answer   
    It is incorrect information. He provided the ticket create date and not the date of the latest reply. Some volunteers will skip ahead and answer a ticket, but not all the time. Tickets don't get lost. Every open ticket is listed to us in the order received based on the reply that reopened the ticket (assuming we have access to the department), but some are assigned and take longer to reply. This one seems like an investigation, so it will take a while.
    While the above is true, this is a special case and he received a reply.
  9. Elie's post in Please Assist Me, was marked as the answer   
    If they aren't online, you will rarely ever see their full names, especially if they have a lot of junk. If you want to know who they are, copy the ID and add it to http://xat.me/x?id=. Example: http://xat.me/x?id=42 This will tell you the username and you can use your judgement based on that and their profiles.
    Accessing others' accounts is forbidden. Never let anyone do that.
  10. Elie's post in Account Blocked was marked as the answer   
    Whoever is receiving system problem 55 (you said she is) has to open a ticket under "Account Block."
    If you receive system problem 26 or 56, the other user is the one with the hold.
    You can see all errors and their solutions here.
  11. Elie's post in Account has been blocked and deleted and I can't make a Ticket. was marked as the answer   
    I believe if you clear your cache and cookies you can use the email address to open a ticket (when they reply, you'll receive a login link to view the ticket).
    If this isn't true, clear cache and cookies anyway and create a new account. Use the new account to open a ticket.
    Edit: Helpers, try not to recommend them opening tickets in the wrong departments. Lost Access doesn't help with this.
  12. Elie's post in I wanted to have a short name put back up was marked as the answer   
    Being paid is a requirement. If that's the reason you can't open a ticket, tough luck.
    Also, both Sydney and Tear are still used by their owners. You won't be able to get those any time soon.
  13. Elie's post in Users with everypower and allpowers was marked as the answer   
    1. Do not bring up disputes of any kind on the forum. If you brought this up in a ticket in the past and were denied any assistance (as in a nicer version of #2), posting the same issue on the forum will not help you in any way.
    2. Main owners are allowed to ban for any reason they choose. If they become consistently inappropriate, the chat may be delisted, but will still exist. If they want to ban you because you have powers, then too bad.
  14. Elie's post in why don't reply my ticket Concerning Issue "error 55" was marked as the answer   
    Opening threads will not help you receive a faster reply.
    There are already plenty of users who have been waiting longer that deserve a reply. You just have to keep waiting.
  15. Elie's post in My accounts been locked! was marked as the answer   
    Once again, opening a thread will not in any way, shape, or form help you fix your ticket-related issue or give you a faster reply.
  16. Elie's post in please help me ! i got held error 55 was marked as the answer   
    Message sent.
    If anyone else has this issue with old accounts, open a ticket under Account Block.
    The department takes a while due to an influx of tickets, so be patient.
  17. Elie's post in Resetting Xat Password was marked as the answer   
    Message sent.
  18. Elie's post in Help making Xat account was marked as the answer   
    Go on any chat, click your name twice, and click "Register" on the bottom left. The forum and the chats are separate. Accounts here are not tied to accounts there.
    Creating an account is not required to use or create chats (unless it is set to registered only).
  19. Elie's post in Account Block was marked as the answer   
    Open a ticket under "Account Block" and we'll tell you or get it resolved.
  20. Elie's post in Account put on hold SYSTEM ERROR 55 was marked as the answer   
    All you have to do is wait now if you've made a ticket and messaged volunteers. If anyone else has this problem, don't open a ticket. Just message us.
  21. Elie's post in Loging in was marked as the answer   
    Clear your cache and cookies, go to http://xat.com/ticket, and open a ticket under "Lost Auth."
    It should ask for your email and you should make the subject 5 words or more.
    You must have access to your email to be able to reply.
  22. Elie's post in Cant talk after trading. was marked as the answer   
    The issue is still being looked into as previously stated in a different thread.
    To anyone else that has this issue, please do not create new threads.
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