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  1. the idea of using direct image on xat without having to host a link and the person terque enters this link to access
  2. mtsalves


    This suggestion I have the idea of having a certain privilege separated by positions in the font size xat and maybe even have some kind of different fonts not many some limited see the image
  3. Not really I 'm not managing to simulate the emotions q I would like but it is something related to gold to shine
  4. mtsalves


    for this Easter I 've been thinking of a gold power because here in Brazil the prices of chocolates station absurd worth gold !! I could not draw some cool smille but I figured some sparkle q can be used in smilles
  5. a power of fire dragon I used the image of a pokemon only as an example
  6. mtsalves


    power Store the idea is that you can sell their power beyond the trade in this virtual store that will be used in as you away anyone who clicks the User can select to see his shop !
  7. mtsalves


    My idea is to create a premium type of merit , divided by richness if the User has a right limits xats days and power gets a well bunito Brasao the richer the more bonitoo Brasao prepared by xat
  8. really well and ovio I not stopped to reflect kkkk thanks Kylee
  9. mtsalves


    I tried to create an example of my idea and basically it who played gunbound will interpletar best type those fund that could put ! suggestion epic
  10. So it was perfect! really should be a limit so they can not use like namecolor
  11. This power and simple and only an additional status to power as the name already says status on the go statusmoving suggested value 300 xat ilimited
  12. shadow on the name , is attached a demonstration the idea and be up to even a lower class namecolor suggested value Limited 1,000 x
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