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    SEAHORSE power!

    Hey Goku, another smilies do u want see on this power?
  2. xErick593x (536325756)
  3. Hi again, everybody! Today I bring you this suggestion about cute SEAHORSE! These are the smiles... 1. (SEAHORSE) (SHWINK) (SHMAD) (SHHAPPY) 2. (SHSTRESSED) (SHSLEEP) (SHCRAZY) (SHLOVE) 3. (SHHORSE2) Thanks and see you later!
  4. xErick593x (536325756)
  5. Ok @SLOom , since they referred to "random" are the powers that are inside, and with specific topics. In other words, the user is informed a lot of information that will help both him and what could be considered a purchase, and not a lottery. Hey, @Crow I would say that a kind of test be done for a week or several days, just as xat has always been handled, with the output of a normal power. Going forward to the facts, I would say that it is something totally new in xat, and it would be of great interest to everyone. Users win because by placing Limited powers, they will have the opportunity to obtain good powers, at a store price. Win xat, because users will have the need to buy or purchase xats, since without these you cannot buy the boxes, so everything is relative. So it is, in addition that if the MYSTERY makes it LIMITED, because perhaps it can increase the price somewhat, for the main idea is to obtain a totally interesting box with good powers.
  6. Hi, I like your interest in power and the good thing you want to make xat more interesting. Regarding your question @Crow, I don't know if you remember the first celebration of Black Friday at xat.com, which was to buy a power with that name, so that you then had the opportunity to buy a random power with 75%. If you can see that it is almost similar to the idea of MYSTERY, however that the power becomes useless and full for users, I do not think so because if they realize the power BlackFriday is worth a lot now, and without calculating the quantities of powers that were sold at that celebration. I include myself because I bought many. Also I do not consider it a lottery, first because the user is who the final decides whether to buy or not, also if one says lottery, I think that the first thing that comes to mind is different things and not a mysterious box. Rather the concept itself is the mystery, the unknown and the luck of obtaining different powers. I think that if it is detailed well by admins of xat, lotteries or something similar would not be incurred. With respect to you @SLOom, the price is already fixed, for example, in the box it says that it contains 5 powers, of which to calculate the final price of the box, it is simply to use the store price of each one and add them. I say random, because so that there is interest, since different users will think that the boxes are repeated, they will know that there are and I think they will take away the desire to continue shopping because you will know that it will come out.
  7. Thanks, we need more things to xat! This is a idea.
  8. Hey @MaxoOh I understand. Well, I would say that it is something that they already have knowledge, since in events like Black Friday there are similar things. Thanks @DJFUNNY. Regarding your question. I do not know if you remember, that in a past event of Black Friday, when you bought the power, you had the opportunity, that is, I gave you a link, after the purchase, where you could get a certain power at a discount. This is similar, or similar. I believe that if it is necessary to buy the MISTERY power to obtain a box, this would give some interest to buy new powers, with which there is double enthusiasm, both in the new power, as in the box. That's how Days can be too, it depends on the administrators.
  9. Hey, @Maxo thanks your comment. And what do u say with " i don't know how it can be made"
  10. Thanks for ur comments @Nycton! Hi @Bau, thanks for your interest in the suggestion, right now I answer. 1. The interesting thing is that you do not know what powers, they will leave you, that makes you really want to buy it. 2. No, obviously when buying the box where it is valued according to the price of the STORE of the powers, what it contains will be free. You only pay for the box in general. 3. 24 hours, because the boxes can only be obtained by buying the power MYSTERY in store. It is also for users to decide whether to buy or not. It is a kind of fixed time. 4. Because it is normal for the powers purchased in the store, to buy others you must wait 4 minutes to buy again, it is already fixed. 5. It should be all random, if you are lucky it will touch you some good powers, which will bring benefits for you. Since it is not forced to buy a box, it is up to you if you do. What other question, I am willing to answer.
  11. That's right, that's the idea, create more interest in xat and its products. The possibility of obtaining great discounts while being something new, can be incredible and fun for everyone.
  12. Hi again, everybody! Well today I was surfing the web and I found the famous mysterious boxes. I thought it was a fantastic idea to bring that here on xat.com. How does it work? Very easy, it is nothing more than buying a "box" which contains several items in this case powers, which in turn the interesting thing is that you will never know that it will come out ... Now, I explain everything: First: Smilies from the power. 1. (Mystery1) (Mystery2) (Mystery3) Second: How to get a box? *The first thing is to buy the power in store when it is released. *Once achieved, a window like this will appear, which will indicate that you have obtained a box. *The theme may change, some examples may be: Valentine, Animals, Food, Earth, Game, Christmas, Patrick day, Easter, Summer and more... *I think, that most of the LIMITED powers should be and to set the price the price in the STORE would be taken as a reference. *The number of powers in the box may vary, that depends. All this will be Random with different powers for each user. *You have a period for 24 hours to buy or not buy the box. *Once purchased the box, the powers that are within it, will be detailed in a following window and will be added to your account automatically. *Each user will have the opportunity to obtain a new box, every 4 minutes after buying the MYSTERY power in the store. All comments, questions or suggestions, below you can do it, thank you and see you soon!
  13. Oh, it's fine. It is a good idea, that is, in other words, to improve the power AWAY. But would it still be the same? That is the question why an addition to this may be that the price increases.
  14. That is the question, why not? I think it would be interesting for everyone to know the reason for your absence, and there are different pawns for a certain time and it would be striking and interesting. Do you think the power away should be boosted or that it would be a new power with a new name?
  15. Thank u. Maybe, we'll have this power in the future!
  16. Sure Cherry! We have many ideas to xat.
  17. Yeah, Cherry I know! But the most important here, my suggestion was heard! And i have a lot of ideas for new powers.
  18. Yeah! My suggestion was listen! Superlove is now a collection power!
  19. Yeah, I like Collection Powers. Unlimited pawns, many powers and smilies!
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