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  1. I respect your comment. But having the SuperLove, we would have Smilies and Pawns forever. Assuming they add smilies to the power. Two positive things, for the same celebration of Valentine's Day.
  2. Just as we have more than one collection power related to Christmas: "Superxmas" "SuperSanta". Why shouldn't we have more than one collection power related to Valentine's Day? In addition, no power is required, required for the SuperHeart, so that the powers necessary for SuperLove, are related to Valentine's Day.
  3. Hey! I was thinking about the day of Valentine's Day that is approaching and the idea of suggesting a new Collection Power, called SUPERLOVE, came to my mind. It would contain the following powers about Valentine's Day: 1. EasterLove. Pawns: 2. Lovefx. Pawns: 3. Lovehug. Pawns: 4. Lovemix. Pawns: 5. Lovemix2. Pawns: 6. Lovetest. Pawns: 7. Romance. Pawns: What do you think? I'm ready to Valentine's Day!
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  8. Piano is a musical key board instrument. It has a row of black and white stripes/ keys. It is used for music.
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