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    VaLLenatos (536325756)
  2. Some of the winners from yesterday's big night. Thanks all! We have many contests soon... https://prnt.sc/177c6cq https://prnt.sc/17792vu https://prnt.sc/17764rk https://prnt.sc/1773uc3 https://prnt.sc/1770580
  3. Unfortunately, xat is not like it used to be, due to various wrong decisions on the part of the administrators. But I'm still here, because of the affection and the desire to meet even more interesting people and above all because of the contests that are held here.
  4. VaLLenatos (536325756)
  5. Thanks all for enter this epic contest. Many prizes is coming. Thanks @Dimple for donate!
  6. Congratulations to the winners and thank you for participating in this fabulous contest. Send me a private message to claim your prize. xErick593x (536325756)
  7. Grats. Please wait for the final pool, with all winners.
  8. Grats. Win 1 Skip 2. 26. With Z: To win you must smash zombie heads, I am a xat game. 26. Con Z: Parar ganar debes de aplastar cabezas de zombies, soy un juego de xat.
  9. Grats. Win 1 Skip 2. 25. With Y: Meditation, peace, tranquility. I am the power ID 467. 25. Con Y: Meditacion, paz, tranquilidad. Soy el power ID 467.
  10. Grats. Win 1 Skip 2. 24. With X: I am the avatar of xat. With me you can create an avatar and use it in xat. 24. Con X: Soy el avatar de xat. Conmigo puedes crear un avatar y usarlo en xat.
  11. Grats. Win 1 Skip 2. 23. With W: I love soccer, I am a power with this theme. The last one was in Russia 2018. 23. Con W: Amo el futbol, soy un power con esta tematica. El ultimo fué en Rusia 2018.
  12. Grats. Win 1 Skip 2. 22. With V: Love is in the air. February 14 is my day. I am the first power of this theme. 22. Con V: El amor esta en el aire. El 14 de febrero es mi día. Soy el primer power de esta tematica.
  13. Grats. Win 1 Skip 2. 21. With U: I am power ID 107. 21. Con U: Soy el power ID 107.
  14. Grats. Win 1 Skip 2. 20. With T: I am a free power! 20. Con T: Soy un power gratis!
  15. Grats. Win 1 Skip 2. 19. With S: What is the name of the register between 4 to 9 digits called? 19. Con S: ¿Como se le llama al nombre de registro de entre 4 a 9 digitos?
  16. Grats. Win 1 Skip 2. 18. With R: I can remove or remove your star, heart or cross from your pawn. 18. Con R: Puedo quitar o remover tu estrella, corazon o cruz de tu peon.
  17. Grats. Win 1 Skip 2. 17. With Q: I am a sticker, I am a duck. 17. Con Q: Soy un sticker, soy un pato.
  18. Grats. Win 1 Skip 2. 16. With P: I can change the background of your private chat. 16. Con P: Yo puedo cambiar el fondo de tu chat privado.
  19. Grats. Win 1 Skip 2. 15. With O: I'm almost the boss, almost. My pawn is golden like orange in color. I have control over the moderators, members and guests. 15. Con O: Soy casi el jefe, casi. Mi peon es de color dorado como naranja. Tengo control sobre los moderadores, miembros e invitados.
  20. Grats. Win 1 Skip 2. 14. With N: You can't see which chat room I'm in, only if I have you added to my friends list, you can. 14. Con N: No puedes ver en que sala de chat estoy, solo si te tengo agregado a mi lista de amigos puedes.
  21. Grats. Win 1 Skip 2. 13. With M: My price is 200 xats, I represent love, and one couples with a heart. 13. Con M: Mi precio es de 200 xats, represento al amor, y uno parejas con un corazón.
  22. Grats. Win 1 Skip 2. 12. With L: My name refers to the Chinese New Year. 12. Con L: Mi nombre hace referencia al año nuevo chino.
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