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  1. Oh, it's fine. It is a good idea, that is, in other words, to improve the power AWAY. But would it still be the same? That is the question why an addition to this may be that the price increases.
  2. That is the question, why not? I think it would be interesting for everyone to know the reason for your absence, and there are different pawns for a certain time and it would be striking and interesting. Do you think the power away should be boosted or that it would be a new power with a new name?
  3. Thank u. Maybe, we'll have this power in the future!
  4. Sure Cherry! We have many ideas to xat.
  5. Yeah, Cherry I know! But the most important here, my suggestion was heard! And i have a lot of ideas for new powers.
  6. Yeah! My suggestion was listen! Superlove is now a collection power!
  7. Yeah, I like Collection Powers. Unlimited pawns, many powers and smilies!
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