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  1. xErick593x (536325756) My favorite game right now is Clash Royale . Umm, Easter, idk but In my country is so beautiful in this date.
  2. Hello everyone, well I come with my fifth post, well in this case it will be a whale smile, very nice and I think it will be liked by many, do not forget to suggest more to be able to add them. Now yes, tell me another rule or policy of xat I'm breaking. KWHALE POWER! 1. Principal. (KWHALE#) 2. Evil. (KWHEVIL#) 3. Loving. (KWHLOVE#) 4. Crying. (KWHCRY#) 5. Sleeping. (KWHSLEEP#) That's it for now, do not forget you can suggest more. Thanks and be sweet.
  3. Hey nice suggestion, it's so similar to SOCCER STARS. An Android's game. A good and funny game.
  4. Hello again to all this is my fourth suggestion already, because I was in a chat room suddenly I saw that they were in a game of bingo, and I felt the need to suggest a similar power, because here is my contribution. "GAMES OF CHANCE" Note: I think the name is a bit long, you can suggest a name, let's go ahead! 1. Bingo. (BINGO#) 2. Tombola. (TOMBOLA#) 3. Roulette. (ROULETTE#) 4. Lottery. (LOTTERY#) Sorry, I did not notice that I missed a letter "T" 5. Scratch. (SCRATCH#) 6. Dices. (DICES#) Important: I think it would be perfect if this smile could work, for example by placing the smile that can give a random number each time, so it can be fun for everyone since you can challenge your friends to see who gets the number. 7. Bingo Ball. (BBALL#) Bueno un saludo para todos los latinos en xat.com! With this I say goodbye and until next time with another suggestion. Thank you and eat all the food.
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