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  1. Manu

    Hb bro (hug)

    1. ALEX


      Thank you Manuel !!

  2. I love you @xJapa 💕

    1. xJapa


      It's reciprocal. This explains why I insist so much (wary)

  3. Cambiar el tamaño de una imagen y agregarle un texto no es diseñar..

  4. Hb mavegirl 😊

    1. Maverick


      Thank you, Manugirl!

  5. Felicidades loca esperó que la pases genial (:

    1. iSanty


      gracias perro, no habia visto estos msjs (hug)

  6. Hay algún problema al colocar los fondos ? 🙄

  7. Manu

    Felicidades bro espero que la pases genial 😎

    1. Stif


      Gracias bro 😎

  8. I love this bg very good combination of colors. There @HelperNate clarified that it is a design to use monthly, halloween is not the appropriate design.
  9. Manu

    My designs

    My last bg's Help Cambio La_Stanza
  10. It was a month with many changes and we are adapting to all the updates. We will continue to improve over time and remember that everyone is invited to participate in xatGraphics, everyone can win prizes!
  11. The bg's were published thank you very much for the gift!
  12. Congratulations @Stif very well deserved, thank you for your excellent work.
  13. Hola Yaho. Puedes enviar un mensaje a algún voluntario que abra un ticket por ti https://forum.xat.com/staff/ Suerte.
  14. Manu

    4 free bg's

    Those were free bg's that I made, their download is not available!
  15. Excellent work as always. This is a very important point of support for those of us who carry graphic themes, it will be very useful for users to use this tool for their chats. We will be adding this generator in xatGraphics and I hope it will be implemented in other support chats as well.
  16. With the arrival of HTML5 you should adapt the side aspects and the smilies bar so that the design is in the right way, I like the colors I hope to see more of your work! http://prntscr.com/v4ysu3
  17. In a certain way, each manager can make the determination to give ban forever to a user if the circumstance requires it, well clarified that also influences the behavior of the user and his trajectory in some chats that he may or may not frequent. In this case, if you requested an explanation but it was not only you, but another user for the same reason (which generates equality for both sides). Do you really think that your record in xat is to be admired? With all due respect, I think you shouldn't even claim a ban for your behavior. I can even list the chats where you had the same problem and it is always the same, so I do not see it coherent that you make this type of publication. I hope this clears "your doubts" a bit about why a manager makes the determination to give ban. Remember to always go with the truth to be a better person!
  18. Congratulations, Blacky. I'm sure you'll do a great job, good luck at everything!
  19. September ended and with it we concluded some things in our community. We have a new owner @Mafia1 mentioning his performance within the community and all the help provided. A new moderator came to xatGraphics @iStaz welcome to the team and I hope you can have a pleasant stay. This month the most active user was @Mafia1, his constancy in the chat was admirable and thanks to that he takes the 1000 xats award in recognition of his activity in the chat (Any user can get the award whether he is a designer or not) Halloween is coming up and before that date xatGraphics will offer some bg's for pcback completely free of charge. This September also xatGraphics provided bg's for some official chats and we hope to continue providing in the coming months!
  20. xatGraphics is a community focused on graphic design. We focus on providing user support, with guidelines for the development of graphics in xat. We provide didactic material for new designers in this way we guarantee user learning. The material we provide is free to use for any user (totally free). The dynamics of the chat is not only focused on teaching, it is also a place where you can dialogue, buy and sell graphics, we have a group of designers in different languages who will be willing to help at any time. The chat is currently being managed by @xLaming and @Manu if you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us.
  21. The truth is that the update looks great, the Switch background will be very useful since the user can change the bg's if he does not like it. The improvement of applications also stand out. I really loved this update, excellent work!
  22. Very good work all this month congratulations @Bau
  23. Thank you very much for the bg's, we will soon be publishing them in the chat.
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