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  1. Manu

    My designs

    My latest designs If you need bg's you can find me at xat.com/Graphics
  2. You can get amazing bgs at xat.com/Graphics at a good price

  3. @Shake Thanks to your message I was able to do your bg before going on a trip. Thank you all for participating! http://prntscr.com/udxxh0
  4. @Solange http://prntscr.com/udwvnd @Shake If you could give me more references I would be grateful, I will be away for a couple of days so on Friday I will be publishing your bg, everything you require you can send me by private message if you think it is appropriate.
  5. @Exin http://prntscr.com/udt38j
  6. @Abrahan http://prntscr.com/uds7of
  7. We already have 5 users, thanks for participating in the next few hours the bg's will be published
  8. http://prntscr.com/udrk38 @oj
  9. Today I am going to give away 5 bg's for pcback (ONLY THE FIRST 5). They should only give me the following requirements: - Color - Image Remember that making a bg's takes a certain time, just wait until it is published.
  10. Hola Belol debes hacer lo siguiente : 1 Ve a la página de xat.com/ticket 2 Haz clic en OPEN NEW TICKET 3 Rellena los datos solicitados (correo electrónico, contraseña) y selecciona el departamento Lost Access. 4 En el apartado de "Help Topic" escribe: "Hello, I need help. Can you please help me?" 5 Copia el siguiente texto del ejemplo de abajo, y pegalo en el apartado "Message". Suerte!
  11. Manu

    My designs

    Cover xatFamily
  12. Excellent work brother, continue in that line of creativity!
  13. Manu

    My designs

  14. Interesting contest I hope to see the avatars of all the participants, good luck to all!
  15. Manu


    What is the use of having that "Blocked" if most chats have bots configured to rank automatically, it would be to change many things when it is simple to ask the chat owner to remove your rank.
  16. Manu


    By conflict, I mean that users currently complain about the following things as far as powers are concerned: -Price -Quality -Function Based on that and it is something real that happens every weekend and the discomfort of the users for each power is notorious, I do not see the need to launch a new power only for that function, when that function could be added to the ranklock without any problem and in that way any type of criticism or nonconformity would be avoided.
  17. Manu


    This idea has its pros and cons, let me explain. Obviously in certain chats they practically force you to have a rank without having to ask for it (generally in promotet chats in Spanish). I understand the idea of rejecting these ranks but in these chats the bots are configured in a certain way so that would make that power obsolete unless the bot servers change their configuration. Let's put the point where the chat is in a members-only setting, will you reject the rank? I think not. Also, as Stif said, the ranklock can be adapted for that function without the need to get a new power.
  18. Manu

    My designs

  19. Manu


    Excellent work as always @JasonOficial I hope to see more work like this.
  20. In fact, this section is more for user support, this idea would be better in suggestions so that it can be seen by others and a good point can be reached.
  21. I suppose every bot service provider could implement that, but wouldn't it be advisable to put this in suggestions? It should be mentioned that the wiki is perfectly understood, in any case it would be that each bot server sends you a link to the wiki so you can see it when you need it.
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