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  1. Sell  bg's pcback  (hippo)

  2. My idea @xLaming https://i.imgur.com/3lXpud4.gifv
  3. Manu

    My designs

    Bg's *-*
  4. Manu

    My designs

    new bg's
  5. What happened to the international graphics project? As usual, it only lasted one day and then they forgot.

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    2. Toxic


      Well @Manu after we tried to make xat.com/graphics international there was really no way to begin any sort of "structure" because it was more or less of a trial and error project. No offense @Vevrok but every language has their set chat for graphics. Most designers don't have enough work, so to assume they'd be on board with asking other designers to come along to possibly "steal their clientele" just doesn't make sense. However if you can find a way to make this work and have multiple languages talking at once (which never works) more power to you.

    3. Manu


      That's why I say that the idea is old and they never supported it because now Mike does want to support it? it does not convince me


    4. Toxic


      It's different to support than to believe in.

  6. Manu


    Si el usuario es tan molesto puedes bloquear y no recibir mensajes en el bot o en todo caso si sabes quien te envía esos mensajes ponlo en lista para que no pueda enviarte mensajes. El comando varia según el servidor de bot que se este usando.
  7. Good luck to all participants @Luig
  8. We talked about this bg, it was good after all
  9. Manu

    4 free bg's

    Here I leave some free bg's so they can use it on the pcback
  10. What a great job thanks for sharing
  11. This has been happening year after year. When I proposed the idea of making international graphics, everyone was found, for the simple reason that the chat was going to change, today I still see xatGraphics completely empty.
  12. Unfortunately xat has a lot of hate from a group of contributors, if you are not a friend you cannot handle a tribute or official chat. They always enter without an account to promote disorder and harm the chat. It is sad but it is what happens with too much frequent. There is another tribute chat that unfortunately they use it for personal issues and the way it is carried is not correct.
  13. Manu

    My designs

    New *-*
  14. Each community has their chat in their language, at the time I tried to make xatGraphics allow more languages, but people are always upset about it.
  15. Happy Birthday  bro @Luig

    1. Luig


      Thanks bro!!! 🎈

  16. Manu

    My designs

    Contact me tomorrow at xat5 @Shizuo
  17. Manu

    My designs

    New jobs
  18. Sell bg's (sman)

  19. Happy Birthday @DjCrazy *.*  (blowkiss) x99999999999999999

    1. DjCrazy


      Ty Hermosa<33

  20. Happy birthday "Mi amor" I hope you have a great day

    1. Maverick


      Gracias mi amor.

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