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  1. Happy birthday "Mi amor" I hope you have a great day

  2. Manu

    Free Templates

    I am always on xat.com/xat_test
  3. Manu

    Free Templates

    PSD PCBACK Download
  4. Manu

    My designs

    why ? hahhaaha
  5. Interesting contest, I thought that chat was dead
  6. Manu

    My designs

    On Monday we talk about your pcback noob
  7. Manu

    My designs

    I was looking in my files and I never did a pcback, you can get in xatfondos jxjx
  8. Manu

    My designs

    Thanks bro, I try to do the best I can It is possible I am always in xat5 @Amyyyy
  9. Manu

    My designs

    Thanks bro
  10. Manu

    My designs

    New Bgs
  11. Manu

    Free Templates

    excellent work, shilanga of my heart * - *
  12. Joyeux anniversaire @Sydno

    1. Sydno


      Merci beaucoup : )

  13. A dormir zZzZ.. 😴

  14. Where was that time in which credits were given to the creators of templates?

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    2. Blossoms


      then change the title of ur thread in "FREE TEMPLATES ONLY IF YOU USE MY NAME ON THEM CUZ I TOOK A LOT OF TIME MAKING THEM" 


    3. Manu


      The content can be free, that does not mean that you should not give credits Dx

    4. adam_


      Nobody has any obligation to use your name.

  15. Merry Christmas Dx

  16. Sorry for the delay, when I get home I finish the bg's. I'm still at work.

    1. 411


      you take your time, it is all about the quality, not the quantity. 

  17. go xat.com/Graphics 

    1. Bau
    2. iSanty


      go xat.com/Graphics  8-)8-)

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