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  1. Goodbye xat

    Hello everyone. I hope everyone is very well, for me it is very difficult to say goodbye to this community after enjoying about 10 years of xat.com. I met many people, some good and others not so much, but as I learned well "WITH EVERYONE YOU CAN NOT GET A FRIENDSHIP". In fact, at xat.com I learned many things, one of these is graphic design, if I make a comparison from 2007 until now, I think the progress was very great, so I decided to start the graphic arts career next year, without Doubt xat was an impetus for me to make this determination. One thing that very few people know about me is that I am a chef and not a graphic designer and I would like to combine both professions, which requires a lot of time and dedication, this forces me to leave the xat.com community simply lack of time. I want to thank @Maverick @Cupim and @Paul for the opportunities they offered me at all times, without doubt they were a great support when I had to consult things related to xat. Also a great friend like @ider who always gave me his unconditional support and more people. I had conflicts with some users that I will not deny, but that is something that happens even in the best families, likewise I also wish the best for all the users with whom at some point we had differences. Without further ado, I say goodbye to all the users of xat and I hope that the community will continue to grow over time.
  2. Congratulations, you have a great time in your day, how do you like the design, here are some images. Success in your life






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      De nada  (hug) 

    3. Maverick


      Happy Birthday, Manu.


      Good luck as well. 8-)


      If you ever change your mind, or ever want to return then don’t hesitate to private message me. 

    4. Manu


      thank you very much Mav soon I'll write you and we'll talk about this, good luck in your projects.

  3. Happy Birthday!

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  4. HBDay manu, wish u more make free bg to come(wailing)

    and good health everyday!

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      Haha Thanks Dim (hug)

  5. Felicidades Manuuu. ¡Disfruta de tu día! (hug)


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      Gracias blacky!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Manu!

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      Thanks bro!! 


    The hug of the power is very well done, it is certainly a great power!
  8. xat5 Bg's

    Halloween bg
  9. New Moderator: Angelo

    Congrats well deserved
  10. It was only 10k.. (ugh)

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      Who cares buh?

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  11. My entry Button Color : #cd5622 Second entry Button Color : #16879e
  12. Thanks xat for forgiving the thieves. 8-)

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      What thieves?

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      is a long story about a scam

  13. It's better to win things by working hard than winning things just by friendships..(meh)

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      What I wrote was in general, for life, for work, for many situations not only focused on xat

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      I think that this more than clear

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      Me too

  14. Titles and vote system

    They can say what they want, but those that are above are a group of friends that do not allow more people..