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  1. My designs

    Thanks to everyone for the comments, I hope that soon I can do more work.
  2. Abandon the Contributors.

    I think that it is necessary a restructuring of the team, to give opportunity to new people that is dedicated to xat with the same regularity as any contributor. It's time to leave the "Friends" aside and start walking for future xat improvements. Also everyone should be honest and show their true purpose within the community, because it is not only to become contributor and then to be absent but to maintain a fairly regular work in the community.
  3. My designs

    New bgs
  4. xat5 Bg's

    Flat style - New bg ^.^
  5. It takes designers ^.^

  6. For Mr. Admin

    Here is the list of staff where you can send private message. I'm not sure admin will have time right now. https://forum.xat.com/staff/ In any case you only have to wait for an answer.
  7. For Mr. Admin

    Which problem you have ? I think that admin is very busy, in this section you can help.
  8. Contest #02: Win the LOVEFX power!

  9. Congrats to the winners was a fought contest
  10. My entry Colors : #0b304e
  11. xat5 Bg's

    My first bg's for xat5
  12. xat5 Bg's

    I remember the day I put on xat5 Majora said exactly the same
  13. xat5 Bg's

    Hey guys let's recall some bg's we had in xat5, if you have some you can put them here. If you want to leave a new one, leave it here so that the administrators can see their work.
  14. Abandon the Contributors.

    In a way I agree with @Laming and some vols know the behavior of contributors, since in some cases leaves much to be desired, I think that should give more opportunity to people with new ideas or who are constantly in xat. In my case I can say that I saw first person very unprofessional behavior on the part of some contributors, that is something that admin should analyze in detail. Because it is not only belonging to the group, but to demonstrate good behavior within the community (this includes non-official chats, where there are sometimes issues of drugs, sex and more content not allowed by xat) It is impressive at certain times how much a rank can influence when designing an official chat or when making decisions within the community.