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  1. 5 Pcback free background

    I already explained what happened @Angelo
  2. 5 Pcback free background

    @DuuL The two remaining bg's, I'll put them tomorrow. Because I did not have much time for work, sorry for the inconvenience!
  3. 5 Pcback free background

    @Phin @Adeis
  4. Sorry for the delay, when I get home I finish the bg's. I'm still at work.

    1. MyNameIsKyle


      you take your time, it is all about the quality, not the quantity. 

  5. 5 Pcback free background

    In the next few hours I will upload the bgs
  6. 5 Pcback free background

    Today I will give 5 background for pcback. Only the first 5 people to request one will have a bg. Give me your information like this: Text: Subtext: Colors/Theme: Images: Other information:
  7. My designs

    New bgs
  8. A Big Prize [Win 20,000 Xats]

    Manu (2400000)
  9. Mejor <3

  10. go xat.com/Graphics 

    1. Bau
    2. iSanty


      go xat.com/Graphics  8-)8-)

  11. ARCBots Background Contest

    I think everyone is forgetting to put the corresponding credits on the creators of the templates..
  12. Helfen and Noticias bg's

    Very good job, I like the color game and how you used it!
  13. My designs

  14. No puedo ingresar en mi cuenta.

    Hola tu registro es : Iuzerrrrrrrrrr (206633286) Debes enviar un ticket bajo el departamento de locked-out Primero ingresa a xat.com/ticket - En subject : I’m locked out from my xat account. - En Message : Hi, I’m trying to access to my account, and I’m getting the error E29. Please I need you to get my account unlocked. Thanks. Cuando termines de rellenar la información da click a open ticket.