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  1. Thanks for the mention, but the one that worked and learned was you, so the only one that deserves credit is you. Keep practicing soon you will see better results and I hope to see it. As I always say know the operation of the tool does not make you a designer. Let your imagination do 90% of the work and the remaining 10% is just tactical.
  2. Thanks to all who are supporting and we are growing as a team.

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    2. TrueRedDevil


      thank mr manu

    3. Manu


      I'm waiting for you there, @TrueRedDevil hahaha

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      Thanks Manu !! :$ 

  3. I will leave this editable here (this time completely in English) Download
  4. With a few steps we can make a 3d effect in a photo. I hope you find it useful.
  5. Previously I did a tutorial of how to give color to a 3d text, in this opportunity I leave the editable file of the text used in the tutorial. The text can be edited in Cinema 4D for later use in Photoshop. Download If you want to learn how to color this text look at the following tutorial. CLICK HERE
  6. This video I did today, since English is not my original language I did the video without audio (only music). In this video I hope to solve the doubts that had some of how to color a 3D text in photoshop. The original text was created in Cinema 4D and then the edition in Photoshop.
  7. Interesting suggestion, but if the backgrounds are changed they should be ORIGINAL, not an image of google and say I did the background. Not anyone can make an image from scratch. If xat determines change bg's would be a good change as long as maintaining originality, without using google images.
  8. @Guppy congrats bro 👌👌👌

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      Thanks, Manu.

  9. My new bg pcback
  10. Happy birthday =)

  11. If you use my template it is not necessary to put my name, it is of free use and I dont need credits.

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    2. Manu


      Well my idea is to share more designs so that users can make use of the content totally free.

      Thanks guys.

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      it's fantastic. :$(goo)
      You´re weclome! (sman)

  12. Good job Juan. I hope to see more content on the forum, thanks for sharing.
  13. System problem 25 : Multiple features have been disabled due to breaking terms of service or security. A ticket must be created under "Account Block" Help Topic to solve this error. You can follow these steps: Subject: 1. I’m unable to transfer/trade getting error 25 Message: 1. Hi, I’m having a problem. Whenever I try to trade/transfer I’m getting the error “System problem (25/55)”. Can you help me with this? Thanks.
  14. Congrats. Well deserved bro.
  15. Smileybar Cat Download