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  1. Helfen and Noticias bg's

    Very good job, I like the color game and how you used it!
  2. No puedo ingresar en mi cuenta.

    Hola tu registro es : Iuzerrrrrrrrrr (206633286) Debes enviar un ticket bajo el departamento de locked-out Primero ingresa a xat.com/ticket - En subject : I’m locked out from my xat account. - En Message : Hi, I’m trying to access to my account, and I’m getting the error E29. Please I need you to get my account unlocked. Thanks. Cuando termines de rellenar la información da click a open ticket.
  3. Loja bgs

    Here I leave some bg's of xatLoja, if a designer is interested in doing a bg for xatLoja you can post it here.
  4. xat5 Bg's

    Christmas is coming
  5. friends list not saving

    You can see your storage it's possible that's why you can not save the friends Try with that, good luck!
  6. just modify the text and add the logo..
  7. https://m.imgur.com/vWpUSaU https://m.imgur.com/1NmSl75 In this post where is the design work? @muffins @Mike
  8. Hello girl @Maverick 🤖

    1. Maverick


      Hey Manu! 



    2. Manu


      Jajaja nice 👿

  9. Congratulations, you have a great time in your day, how do you like the design, here are some images. Success in your life






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    2. Sonic


      De nada  (hug) 

    3. Maverick


      Happy Birthday, Manu.


      Good luck as well. 8-)


      If you ever change your mind, or ever want to return then don’t hesitate to private message me. 

    4. Manu


      thank you very much Mav soon I'll write you and we'll talk about this, good luck in your projects.

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. HBDay manu, wish u more make free bg to come(wailing)

    and good health everyday!

    1. Manu


      Haha Thanks Dim (hug)

  12. Felicidades Manuuu. ¡Disfruta de tu día! (hug)


    1. Manu


      Gracias blacky!!