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  1. Hola @Ydurant En este enlace te saldrán los voluntarios, puedes enviar un mensaje privado para que puedan ayudarte.
  2. Photoshop or illustrator ? :)

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    2. Eleven


      Paint ♥ xd

    3. Blacky



    4. Manu


      Both are good, the peculiarity of Illustrator is that it stands out more for illustrations, although you can have the same results in photoshop. It only depends on the method used.
      Photoshop on the other hand stands out for the filters and the rendering but the use of the pen is very limited, personally I use both programs because it is fundamental for my learning .

      @index. @Eleven @Blacky

  3. xat5 bg's
  4. It is not bad, but the user who has ban can see in events by who was banned.
  5. I fell in love with your smile <3

  6. Hola. Es posible que sea problema de tu conexión a internet, prueba reiniciar el router y volver a intentarlo. Por otro lado asegúrate que la protección de dicha sala de chat no este activada.
  7. Hi. Are you trying to delete cookies and try again? In any case test in a window in incognito mode. It would be ideal if a vol can open a ticket for you, good luck.
  8. Hello, I think you should send a ticket under the Location Update department to activate the Account Locking.
  9. I can not design I need a new computer >.<  #NOGRAPHICS

    1. Zed


      What happen?

    2. Manu


      I have not been able to make new graphics, I hope to return soon with news

  10. I think the boxes indicated belong to other templates..
  11. Thanks I try to do my best with the graphics.
  12. Carly and Social
  13. I like to see that more and more people are encouraged to design, I hope to see your growth in the graphics I liked your bg's.
  14. fonts were removed