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  1. Eleven


    Techy ur so good, well done.!!!
  2. Say something

    1. Eleven


      Haha yeah, that's you.

    2. Eleven


      It's you, im the first Pika.

    3. Eleven


      You wish, but you're not.

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  3. Why is everything so heavy?

    1. Paul


      Maybe your just weak, and the thing isn't even heavy 

    2. 6


      grow some muscles...gym everyday

    3. Eleven


      Come on guys, it's a song from the new album "One More Light" of Linkin Park. eQDYNAn.png

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  4. Happy Birthday 🎂.

  5. Happy Birthday, have a great day.

  6. And fish? lol I dont have time to be something in xat
  7. Oh ya, I've also seen them here, but I need to see the little ones xd
  8. OMG, where????? Can i go with you? pls pls pls
  9. Ok that, it's an animal, but dead. XD
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