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  1. Happy birthday 🌹!

  2. Happy birthday!! 🎉

  3. So, out of boredom I'm making free inners or pcbacks for the first 5 people that request it here, I don't usually start my work with a provided theme but you're required to provide at least one image that's fitting for 728 * 486 (so I know what I'm working with) not necessarily as big but you can just tell me where you want the image to be placed also provide with what else you want to be added (ex: username, or username and id or just chat name & description) I'll see what works out the best and decide what to add and what not, it is also my decision to make one for you or not I don't have to if I don't want to.
  4. Inner: Outer: Button color: #3090f6 Credits: Danneh
  5. Well done dude, I like it, thanks.
  6. Image included: Some Panda. Text included: snax's - private chat. Colors included: grey or black You do the rest. Be creative! Thanks, by the way!
  7. Eleven


    Eleven (300084004)
  8. Happy birthday smelly person!

  9. Not bad, well done @Mike.
  10. Eleven


    Eleven (300084004)
  11. Happy Birthday Anonymous! :d

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