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  1. I'm not American and I like the idea. recently we had the power (Patrick) that celebrates Saint Patrick is irish
  2. iLu4n

    New Pawns (Open)

    Bronze pawn is Cool
  3. iLu4n


    actually this idea in a certain part is excellent, decrease the scammers in trade, I believe that this is a difficult thing to happen more is good idea
  4. iLu4n

    Suggest Hats

    I Like This idea
  5. Before I did not see this error. after the release of namegrad I see constantly
  6. i have noticed one error do not know if I was already reported it, or if someone had already watched this error. I do not know if it's due to namegrad but I noticed after the namegrad release. With Erro http://prnt.sc/ac46ri http://prnt.sc/ac4dhp Normal http://prnt.sc/ac471l http://prnt.sc/ac4e9p it happens to people who do not have this power. I do not know if it's really a error more is strange
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