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  1. Happy Birthday (hug)

  2. Happy birthday dude !!

  3. Happy Birthday Dallas,
    I wish you a Happy new year!

  4. Unsure why you are bringing this up like google translate isn't a thing. Assuming the foreigners have google chrome and is able to translate the page. My comment still stands true. If this post doesn't concern you, carry on with your day, you don't need to complain about a post that doesn't affect you or target you.
  5. I said especially foreigners because that should be the main target, considering the english side of xat is dwindling, foreigners are the main group that is keeping xat alive. Take a look at english promoted chatrooms vs Spanish promoted chatrooms.
  6. Should someone be punished on a promoted chatroom for rating songs down using fexbots, if they don't like the song? Should someone be punished for something they are accused for without any evidence, just based off of someone else's words? Should a main owner for a promoted chatroom/official chatroom be keeping someone out because they are a "moron" ? State your reason why it should or shouldn't
  7. Being that Nate runs the Game chat, which is known to host contests for games, and other various things, this is helpful. No matter if it was needed or not needed, Nate was just trying to make a helpful guide for users who may need it, and as Kopas mentioned, it may not be useful for you, but it can definitely be useful for other people, especially foreigners who use xat. Learn to appreciate helpful people and their kind gestures, instead of putting them down or shaming them for only trying to give people a general idea of how to conduct something.
  8. Do people even pay attention to forum statuses?

  10. I see people losing interest in xat rapidly, due to the lack of users in the english side of xat. I think Spanish community and other languages can still help xat stay up, but as far as english users, I see them migrating to something else entirely like Discord. As much as I hate seeing that, or even saying it, the only thing xat has that remotely interests me is the fact I can be able to use css to make a chat look how I want it to look. Discord, you're unable to have a background everyone can see unless you tell them to download betterdiscord and use the same stuff as you. If xat loses the c
  11. Welp, after 2 years, I'm going to bump this with some new inners I've done over the time, enjoy, also, if you're interested in having a inner done by me, let me know. I might hook you up. I also do banners
  12. I was able to make this because of this helpful Graphic pack, thanks .
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