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  3. I will post free inners here of cartoons, or any other well known "pop culture" related backgrounds here.
  4. Please consider making the bot name stay true to the "Game" name. I'd suggest: CPU as it's an actual bot/CPU. You can do a coding type avatar, or anything really to do with games, doesn't even have to be technical. It's just weird to see a tiktok person as a bot.
  5. Happy b day Dallas.

    1. Dallas


      thank you (hi)

  6. Happy Birthday (hug)

  7. Happy birthday dude !!

  8. Happy Birthday Dallas,
    I wish you a Happy new year!

  9. Unsure why you are bringing this up like google translate isn't a thing. Assuming the foreigners have google chrome and is able to translate the page. My comment still stands true. If this post doesn't concern you, carry on with your day, you don't need to complain about a post that doesn't affect you or target you.
  10. I said especially foreigners because that should be the main target, considering the english side of xat is dwindling, foreigners are the main group that is keeping xat alive. Take a look at english promoted chatrooms vs Spanish promoted chatrooms.
  11. Should someone be punished on a promoted chatroom for rating songs down using fexbots, if they don't like the song? Should someone be punished for something they are accused for without any evidence, just based off of someone else's words? Should a main owner for a promoted chatroom/official chatroom be keeping someone out because they are a "moron" ? State your reason why it should or shouldn't
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